Electric Pop Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Singer/Recording/Guitar  - Richard

Cape Town


I'm a singer, recording engineer, producer and multi instrumentalist from Cape Town, South Africa. I work with multiple bands onstage and in studio. I've specialised in guitar but as a producer I've learnt to play many instruments through out the 26 year of playing music. I have a recording studio and am excited to put my spin on your projects


Guitar Player, Arranger - MARCUS


Guitar Player, Arranger

I´m a Brazilian musician with a long career as a sideman with great Brazilian artists like Tim Maia and Elza Soares and also as a 15 year band leader. This experience has made me be able to truly understand what you need for your song and music.

Session Guitarist - Travis

Los Angeles

Session Guitarist

I’ve toured with Katharine McPhee & Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness (Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate). You've heard my work on MTV's "Super Shore", Warner Bros. "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase", HBO's "How to Make it in America" and commercials for brands like Pedigree & Remington. I was house band guitarist on the CW TV show "Oh Sit!".

Vocals, Guitar, Producer - Sean

Los Angeles

Vocals, Guitar, Producer

Sean Carney is a unique creative force who's skills have lead him to chart on Billboard and Mediabase. He works with his band WOLVES as a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and producer here in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Formally studying music and audio engineering has allowed him to bring soul and precision to pop, rock, hip-hop and experimental vibes.

Guitar + Songwriting + Synths  - Josef

New York

Guitar + Songwriting + Synths

we'll make it slap and then make it slap some more

Remixes & Session Guitarist - ShenFM

Cape Town

Remixes & Session Guitarist

With a degree in music, and producing multiple artists for Universal Records, I focus on remixing artist's tracks and providing artists with guitar recordings for their singles.


Session guitarist, producer - Jocelyn


Session guitarist, producer

almost 20 years experience as a touring musician, ready to record guitar parts for you, using Luna, Live, Logic pro, as you wish. Ready for pop, funk, electro, rock.


Guitarist / Music Producer - jsaulsky


Guitarist / Music Producer

I am a guitarist and music producer with over 10 years of professional experience. Credits and collaborations include MTV, The Chainsmokers, Illenium, and more.

I make song sound like songs - Hicham


I make song sound like songs

Hi, I am a music producer with over 10 years of experience in the music making. I mostly work with indie artists on different genres ( POP, R&B, Rock..) I can produce and mix your songs, as well as record instrument parts.


Mixing and Mastering Services - Cheyenne

United Kingdom

Mixing and Mastering Services

I can get your tracks sounding professional and ‘radio-ready’!

Song, Prod and Mix - The


Song, Prod and Mix

We are The Swedish Apaches, a mix of Swedish with some spice of Apaches lifestyle! We engage in music projects from the beginning to the end. Song writing, helping you with a great structure and ideas for your songs and later with great production (we use mainly logic) and mix/mastering on world-class level. Our work is our advertisement!


Production, Home Studio - Zachariah

Los Angeles

Production, Home Studio

I love music creation and I want to make you the perfect song for your needs!


Cellist, Singer/Songwriter  - Christian


Cellist, Singer/Songwriter

I am a world class session cellist and singer/songwriter with a vast knowledge of musical genres and landscapes. Hire me as a pop vocalist, session musician or to help you finish your song.

Mixer/Producer/Creative Helper - Simon


Mixer/Producer/Creative Helper

Being an artist in 2020 with over 40 000 newly released songs a day at Spotify is more than a struggle. It's all about showing your all, being unique without losing yourself too far away from the crowd. Big stages with thousands, small venues with less than a handful, one thing makes the experience equal. The Song. I'm here to help you with that.

Original Music, Sound Design - Future


Original Music, Sound Design

Future Baroque exists to create compelling, innovative musical works. We provide moments of spiritual clarity and frisson to listeners, and create community around shared emotional identities. Future Baroque also exists to educate younger generations about baroque art history by fusing it with modern synthesizer music.


Professional Composition - Scotch


Professional Composition

We specialize in composing the music your project needs.

Music composer and producer - Major


Music composer and producer

Music composer and producer, mixing and mastering.



Los Angeles



Music Producer & Songwriter - Olli

Melbourne VIC

Music Producer & Songwriter

Experienced music producer, looking to expand my horizons and collaborate with new artists. Let's bring your vision to life!

Versatile Music Producer - Caryl


Versatile Music Producer

I am an experienced singer, multi-instrumentalist, and writer who specialises in creating original songs and developing them from the early stages to a complete product ready for release.

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