Top Accordionists for hire

These experienced session accordionists will write, arrange, perform, and record tracks in any style or genre you need

Virtuoso Concertina player - Simon


Virtuoso Concertina player

I'm one of the world's top concertina players (it sounds like an accordion but better!) who specialises in Scottish folk music but can play anything from folk to world to inserts in dance and pop music. I can sound like an accordion or bandoneon as well and can play in any key. I work quick too!

Accordionist and Keyboardist - Emilia

Buenos Aires

Accordionist and Keyboardist

I am a accordionist and keyboards lover. I work from my home studio recording instrumental tracks and I love playing sessions in my spare time. I specialize in arrangements (vocal or instrumental). I have a Music Professor degree (ESEAM J.P. Esnaola).

session accordionist - Alan


session accordionist

session accordionist


Accordionist - Bob

Hudson Valley


Experienced in many styles; committed to finding the right sound for your project. American Roots Music: Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz World Music Modern Experimental Music Film and Theater Music Early Childhood and Elementary Music

Session Accordionist - dosire


Session Accordionist

Galudy accordion music - Inspiration and Passion.


Accordionist, Sound Engineer - Fabio

6513 Monte Carasso

Accordionist, Sound Engineer

Musician, composer, sound engineer. I am the owner of a mixing and mastering studio called "La Corte" where I work at competitive rates.

Músico, Produtor musical - Edu


Músico, Produtor musical

Músico, compositor, arranjador e professor. Com vasta experiência em estúdio. Instrumentos: Sanfona, Piano e Percussão (surdo, tamborim, reco-reco, agogô, ganzá, caixa, repinique, triângulo, zabumba, atabaque).


Artist, Writer, Producer   - Skye

Staten Island

Artist, Writer, Producer

Multi-instrumentalist,(accordion, piano, drums, percussion, vibraphone), Electronic artist, Visual Treatments.


Session Accordionist - Dmitry


Session Accordionist

I'll record pro studio quality accordion for you in any style!

Session Accordionist, Composer - Davi


Session Accordionist, Composer

Master in Music Composition (UFPR) Music Composition (UFPEL)

Session Accordionist - Danny


Session Accordionist

I will record a real accordion for your projects with the utmost quality and love :-)


Session Bandoneonist - Francisco

Buenos Aires

Session Bandoneonist

Tango and latin american folk bandoneonist. I can collaborate with you by bringing the languaje and the colours of tango and latin folk music in any piece of music you need to. Can write, arrange and play music related to tango and latin american rhythms.


Accordion / Melodica performer - Misha


Accordion / Melodica performer

I perform accordion about 28 years, it is my profession, my hobby and even my all. My main job, for 17 years, is as an artist in the Concertino Accordion band (Moldova). Together with my colleagues we would win 21 first prizes and Grand prizes in competitions all over the world.


composer,sessionist,producer  - Janez



Janez Dovč is one of the most creative musical artists in Slovenia in the past few years. (Rockline) Virtuoso musical skills and experiences, transformed into an eclectic mix of jaz, Latin American, African, Indian and classical musical tradition. A delicacy. (Mladina)


Session Accordionist - Roman


Session Accordionist

I'll record first class accordion tracks for your song ...


Accordion performer - Alexandre


Accordion performer

French accordionist, classical musician, improvisation performer.

Session Bandoneonist - Rodrigo

Buenos Aires

Session Bandoneonist

Bandoneon and guitar player educated and experienced in tango, jazz, latin, classical, music production, among others. Highly experienced in online sessions.


Composer & Recording Artist - Nemanja


Composer & Recording Artist

Accordionist Composer Recording artist Instrumental producer/Performer Logo/Ilustration Architect (


Accordion, Piano, Organ - Gary


Accordion, Piano, Organ

An accordion can color your songs in ways you might not have imagined. The acoustic properties of the instrument cannot be replicated by midi so give it a try! I also play organ and piano. (I only have digital piano in my studio)

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