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Singer/ Songwriter/ Vocalist - Francesca


Singer/ Songwriter/ Vocalist

Hi! I'm Francesca. I'm a recording artist / vocalist / songwriter with 13 years of experience.. I am suitable for different musical genres from pop, soul, country, Spanish songs, rock, dance, r&b etc ... and I have the ability to reach 4 octaves.


Singer & Songwriter - Majuri




Singer & Songwriter

I am a singer, songwriter, with about 50 collaborations in the past decade and hundreds of songs over the past 30 years; I write catchy melodies and lyrics, as well as backing vocals arrangements. Some say my voice sounds like a mix between Tina Turner and Robert Plant, but I swear I can also sound sweet:-)

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Momo


Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Producer, composer, arranger, musician, mixing, mastering

Trailers, Soundtrack - Alessio


Trailers, Soundtrack

I'm a Cinematic Music Producer specialized in Digital Orchestration in True Classic Genre, Epic Music, Gothic Music (Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, sounds like...). I never miss a shot when I have to make alive a video with my music. I'm not saying that because i'm "too confident", it's just something I believe in. Harmony is Life.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - LunarStudioRecording


Remote Mixing & Mastering

The recording studio is a great passion that I have specialized in over 20 years

Recording & Production Studio - LiberationOfArtsDistrict


Recording & Production Studio

Top of the class producer, sound engineer and music composer with 30+ years of experience and 2 Grammy Awards won on our back!

Studio Session Guitarist - Claudio


Studio Session Guitarist

I deliver the audio track ready for use with or without effect (Re-Amp). All the work will be done in my studio. (interpretation, execution, recording, editing)


Recording, mixing. - Clive


Recording, mixing.

Studio engineer specializing in Jazz and acustic music generally but also well versed with Rock/Pop and Soul, credited on more than 100 published albums.

null - Keep


Specializing in Pop and Rock genres of production. Major Label Credits: producing, mixing, mastering and engineering We bring decades of experience, making productions and records. Anyone can record at home these days… but you still need…. A GOOD SUPPORT FOR YOUR MUSIC!

Recording studio - Forward


Recording studio

Forward Studios have always been focused on finding highest standards in terms of professional audio and technologies and thanks to its record label Forward Music Italy, you find also creative support. We have the opportunity to work with the best artists and musicians in the national and international music business.


Productions, Mixing, Mastering - RT60STUDIOS


Productions, Mixing, Mastering

Thanks to 25 years of experience in Audio for music and scores and a series of specializations achieved at the SAE Institute Milano, we actively collaborate in the arrangement of your songs in the production phase to organize the instruments and structures, to make everything sound according to the desired shape.

null - Revolver


Recording, Mixing, Record Productions. Sophisticated, international and top quality sound. Vintage's warmth + Modern's quality.

Mixing, producing, creating - Francesco




Mixing, producing, creating

My goal is to make the clients feel and enjoy the commitment that I put in my work. I never forget that it's not my music I'm working on, I just have the need to respect the efforts that have already been made. Trust is a gift that has to be earned and I am more than willing to put myself on the line.

Mixing Engineer  - Federico




Mixing Engineer

Hey everyone, I'm here to be your mixing engineer. I've been working in music production since 2014. The experience acquired during these years combined with mixing skills make me the right choice if you happen to be looking for someone to mix your next masterpiece.

Music Producer | ITALY - Francesco




Music Producer | ITALY

Music Producer from South Italy. (Mainly Electronic Music, and works ITB)


Recording, Mixing, Live  - David


Recording, Mixing, Live

Born through the necessity of being in Music and developed across faders and pot! Try my mix to catch the essence of your songs, try my recording to catch the vibe of your soul. Try my live mix to bring your souls to the people, or to play in a "live record". Waiting for your creation to shine throughout me!

remote mixing & mastering  - frasound


remote mixing & mastering

i am here to maximize your sound ,I will follow your ideas and your creativity to reach the best result with the right budget .

Session drummer , recording  - Francesco


Session drummer , recording

Professional drum tracks with professional instrument and gear. Contact me, let's work toghether!

Mastering Engineer - Luigi


Mastering Engineer

Owner of Locomotore Recording Studio aka LRS FACTORY since 2000. Electronic Music Producer with 70 vinyls and more then 300 digital tracks released. More then 1000 mastering done!

null - Francesco


Sound engineer, mix, recording sound design, mix 5.1 for tv and Cinema. editing and tuning pro tools tracks.


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