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The pro analog mixing delivery

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All what you would like to do by yourself if you had been a pro engineer with a pro studio. You would do the best job and... Just spend the money of a couple of coffe!

Our studio is a perfect hardware recreation of a digital audio workstation. Just like an analog Pro Tools!
We use to mix on a VCA, DAW controlled, analog 48 ch. Studer 900 console and a big collection of the finest outboard, feeding from a 48 ch. HD system, hiting a Revox 1/4 inch tape machine, or just stay "in the box" and sum on the Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard valve mixer. Or the mix of both things according to your budget. Anyway we are providing you the best possible sounding mix with free unlimited revisions and stems mixdown, at the very lowest rate and money back guarantee. What else? Yes, a pronstitute is included in the service.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Gear Highlights
  • Studer 900 VCA 48 ch. Console
  • Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard valve mixer
  • Dynaudio Air and Bm 15 monitors
  • Urei Blue Strip
  • LA2A
  • 1178
  • LA4
  • Distressor
  • The Phoenix
  • Pultec
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