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MixEngineer/Producer/Musician - James





Currently working with Space Knife (seen in Stranger Things).

Full Service Audio Concierge - Peachy


Full Service Audio Concierge

Shaping YOUR Sound YOUR Way!!! Staff: @Peaches.Engineer

Mix & Mastering Specialist - Felix


Mix & Mastering Specialist

Audio engineer specializing in Latin music. Currently pursuing Master’s degree with Berklee College of Music. Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory and Composition.


Recording Studio - Sound




Recording Studio

I'm Dwayne "DK" Kelly, co-owner of Sound Resort Studios in Atlanta, GA. I'm a recording engineer, a mix engineer, and a music producer. I have over 10 years experience in the music industry. Making music has taught me that every challenge is an opportunity to learn something new or add a fresh perspective to the creative process.

Music Production & Songwriting - ACR


Music Production & Songwriting

We provide a full service songwriting and music production service. We manage serval artists and have produced over 30 songs to release and distribution. We have an onsite recording studio and we work with several session and in house musicians.

Media Producer, Engineer - The


Media Producer, Engineer

Innovative creator with a specialization in creating "That" custom sound.


Vocal Coach, Song Writer - Nikita


Vocal Coach, Song Writer

Vocal Coach at Tara Simon Studios in Smyrna GA (Top rated performing arts school since 2015) Songwriter: Currently writing for Mbakop Films; Past work in connection with Trey Songz, Day 26, and more. Winner of several vocal awards. I am excited to take your project to the next level!

Vocalist/Topliner - Mia



Hi there! I'm Mia Rio, Brazilian-born vocalist & songwriter. I sing & write in English, Portuguese and Spanish, specialized in anything Pop-based and toplining. Warm, bright, exotic vocals. Range E3-D6. Choir-trained. Writing and vocal credits on TV shows and major retail stores in U.S. and Canada. Writing work here:

Recording Studio & More - Atlanta


Recording Studio & More

Hello and welcome to Atlanta Record Factory! We are a newer music recording studio in Atlanta offering all engineering, production and songwriting services at affordable rates! We have been told our quality is much greater than the average professional studio and we continue to strive for excellence on a daily basis. Allow us to show you!

Producer, Songwriter, Performe - Eric


Producer, Songwriter, Performe

Custom music for your promotional needs.

Audio Engineer/Music Producer - Next




Audio Engineer/Music Producer

I chose the name Next Level Sound because I simply have one mission; that is to elevate the sound of musicians around the world. Giving them the ability to express themselves freely and confidently with a product that truly represents the best form of the individual at hand. I look forward to taking your sound to the next level!

Recording Artist, & Producer - James


Recording Artist, & Producer

Billboard Charting Artist & Grammy Award Producer/Songwriter James Worthy is very influential musician in the music industry. Hailing from Queens New York, his love of music began at a very early age. By age 10, he was granted the opportunity to meet Michael Jackson backstage at Webster Hall in NewYork, City.


 CEO of Tru Radio Podcast - Courtney


CEO of Tru Radio Podcast

I am the CEO of my own company "Tru Radio Podcast". I am also a full time musician and entrepreneur looking to connect and use my creative skills to assist other artists like myself.

Recording mixing mastering - MaC


Recording mixing mastering

Platinum audio engineer very swift and attentive fluid with pro tools known for providing a clean sound and bringing the clients vision to life.

Recording & Mixing Engineer  - KAP_IENGINEER


Recording & Mixing Engineer

Do you have a song that you recorded but need some life in it? or Do you have a Song that you have in your head but you need someone to help it become a reality? Let me help you. I can take anything and make it into something. With Some years of working with Grammy Wining Creatives I think i can help make any record become the hit you need.

Studio, Audio Engineer, Beats - Bandz

Lithia Springs

Studio, Audio Engineer, Beats

$45 hourly recording studio that comes with an engineer/producer. Room can be booked for $30 hourly for producer cook up sessions.


Assist Making Hits - Mix


Assist Making Hits

Passion over Profits- Our passion for the creation of music is shown in every session that’s booked at Mix Major. It doesn’t matter if you used a promo code and received a discount or if you paid full price, We will offer the same great service and passion across the board. The passion remains the same..." your goal is our gold"-mixmajor


Tracking / Mix Engineer - Kim


Tracking / Mix Engineer

This is Slyce- I mix all genres of music so don't hesitate to see what we can create!

I SING & give Songs a PULSE - Shameia


I SING & give Songs a PULSE

From Singing Backgrounds for Angie Stone touring around the world. To recording Cover songs for Capital Records. Recording Vocals for a 2018 IceCube project Release. I'm a Soulful Singer with Depth & Range. If you want a singer to bring Conviction and Quality to your production. The Seasoning to your ingredients. I'm that voice!



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