Heavy Rock Programmed drums

Drummer / Mixer / Producer - Alessandro

63822 Porto San Giorgio

Drummer / Mixer / Producer

I'm a professional musician and sound engineer living in Italy, playing drums (touring with many projects, including mine) and making on-line sessions. I can provide hi-standard drums trackings in my own studio, human-like programmed drums, audio editing and mixing via file sharing, producing. My cup of tea is Rock, Metal, Funk, Hip-Hop.

Mixing  - Billy



Mixing songs for a cheaper price. Gotta keep myself busy!


Drums - Dylan



you want it to feel like there's an actual drummer, right?

Producer, Mixer, Engineer - Tayler


Producer, Mixer, Engineer

Hey! My name is Tayler Shawn Beckstead. I am a Producer, Mixer, Engineer based out of McKinney, TX. I specialize in Mixing, Programming MIDI Drums, Audio Engineering, Guitar and Vocal Tracking. I am also a Vocalist who has experience in multiple bands.

session drummer - Gonzalo

Buenos Aires

session drummer

I am a professional drummer with 20 years of experience sharing stages and recording in studio or live for different national and international artists. I have worked with more than 30 artists in the last 4 years including 2020. more than 20 studio albums and countless live shows on big and small stages

Mixer, Producer, Midi Drummer - John


Mixer, Producer, Midi Drummer

Solid mixes with respect to the music, drum and beat programming, music production from scratch or built around your idea.

Remote Sessions - Buckshot


Remote Sessions

A multi-instrumentalist that's been dabbling in writing, and producing for far too long- time to share.


Mix and Mastering Engineer - Jamie


Mix and Mastering Engineer

In 2007, Mix engineer Jamie landed his first job as head recording and mix engineer at Antenna Studios in London. Here, he recorded demos for the likes of Florence and the Machine before entering the world of live sound working with Sam Smith,Will Young, Kylie Minogue, 2 Door Cinema club and having spent the last 5 years mixing Rag n Bone man.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Dawn

Glens Falls

Remote Mixing and Mastering

I have a passion to record and play awesome music and I want to take your project to the next level!

Record Label, Mix & Master - Brett

Perth WA

Record Label, Mix & Master

Want a top professional and rewarding experience from first contact, setup and production of your music, thru any revisions and onto the master and awesome release of your next record. Of course you do, that's why your here, right!?! You're at the right place. My delivery of services is professional, secure and reliable. \m/

MusicProducer MixingMastering  - Jan


MusicProducer MixingMastering

I have recently worked with Nashville based producer Peter Collins (producer - Bon Jovi, Rush, Nancy Griffiths, Brian Setzer, etc.) on tracks for an upcoming release by Billboard dance artist Consuelo Costin. 7 albums for the Swedish progressive metal band StoneLake. 1 Album S.A.Y. 1 Album Jan Akesson´s Shadow Rain Cuts in Japan / Sweden / Europe

Mixing - Mastering - Composer - Petter


Mixing - Mastering - Composer

Wanna get your songs mixed to high-quality material for an affordable price? I'm your guy! Contact if you're interested, I would love to hear your project! :)


Mix Engineer & Producer - Ryan


Mix Engineer & Producer

I strive to deliver inspiring mixes which enhance the source material provided by artists. I work across various genres but focus mostly on rock and metal. My approach involves working closely with musicians and songwriters to really bring out the best in their work.

Mixing, Producer, Drummer - Shrapnel


Mixing, Producer, Drummer

20 years in recording, mixing and mastering. 5 years session drummer.


Mixing and Mastering Engineer  - Jason


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I do Rock and Metal. I create an authentic warm and clear, world class studio sound. My goal is to create an exciting and in your face modern sound that competes with best. If i mix your song. I will master it for free


Rock & Metal Session Guitarist - Cody


Rock & Metal Session Guitarist

Rock & Metal Session Guitarist


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Charles


Remote Mixing & Mastering

As a Mixing Engineer I like to find a unique sound for each client. Every Artist has a different vision, even they follow the same trend, so each artist should have a unique sound.

Mixing and Mastering - Gregory


Mixing and Mastering

Self taught musician, vocalist, song writer and mixer and mastering. I will do my best to make your music sound great at a low price.

On Demand Recording Studio - Skylit

Los Angeles

On Demand Recording Studio

Skylit Sound is a studio designed from the ground up to be a professional live drum room and tracking facility.

Recording studio - Blackbriar


Recording studio

Freelance Allround Music Productions from Holland. - Songwriting - Lyrics & top-line writing, - Full Arrangements, - Full Productions. - Female vocals, - Mixing - Mastering - Specialized in harder rock genres (Hard Rock ,Metal, Symfonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Rock)! Greetings, Blackbriar Studios!


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