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Photo of Jonathan Beckner

Jonathan Beckner is a music Producer and Engineer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Jonathan graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Music Technology and a concentration in Jazz Guitar. He brings a unique view to every project that he works on from the local singer/songwriter to the multi-platinum artist.

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Photo of Alvatone | Audio Solutions

Mein Name ist Leo, ich bin 30 Jahre alt und freiberuflicher Audio Engineer. Zur Zeit lebe und arbeite ich in der bayerischen Metropole München. Hauptberuflich bin ich in der Film- und TV-Branche tätig. In meiner Freizeit beschäftige ich mich auch gern mit Mischen von Musik.

 - Buttons Touching

Lulu Madill ....Sound Artist, Composer, Producer, has produced and engineered numerous albums in Melbourne and Darwin through her independent recording studio Buttons Touching Productions. Lulu has produced soundtracks for short film, theatre and dance performances.

Photo of Ee_GoRR

Why is Sound Painter ? From my early years I always saw many images in my mind while listened to music. And now for me creation of music is a painting of some pictures from someone's mind ( client's or my ) with different tones,timbres,melodies and harmonies.

Photo of RetySeth

I am a Freelance Professional Mix Engineer based in Orlando.

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I serve the quality and the power of details.

Beat Maker,Music Producer - Christian Santos

I do beats for some of youtubers videos for their channel, I also make beats for some of local artist

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Skill Games & Skill Gaming Machines in Pennsylvania

Security - Security Troops

We are Skydda Security Troops Pvt. Ltd.

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