Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Nolife

Sound Designer and Mixer - Tristan -GonZo- de Carbon

a french Music and TV søund engineer (technicien søn en francais dans le texte), in Paris.

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Vocals/Producer 🚀 40M+ Streams - Oliver Kling

I'm a professional male singer and producer with 40M+ streams with my projects online (have a look at my project credits) I've worked with labels like Universal, Sony, Selected, BigCityBeats, etc. I have a keen ear for what a song needs to elevate it to the next level and ensure it is release-ready. 🎵 Let me take your song to new heights! 🚀

Magic with sound - Simius GOLD

We study the behavior of sound and frequency as a healing instrument, music is medicine for the soul

WordSmith , Beat Selector, - NoLifeCell

You can search NoLifeCell and go through the catalog. I like my work to speak for itself.

Demo and Backing Vocalist - Hayley Fahey

Vocals are my specialty. I'll sing a lead vocal for your demo and will provide you with a tuned and edited lead vocal that will make your original song shine. If you need backing vocals, I will come up with harmonies and backing vocal parts that add dimension and movement to your track.

I produce pop music and sing - Niamh

I Produce pop and alt pop music! open for any other producing requests.

Vocals Alto Sax Engineering - Gaige Cooper

Hi my name is Gaige and I am a classically trained Alto Sax player with 7 years experience. I also can sing, play snyth, and I am also do all my own audio engineering!

Spatial Music & Sound Designer - Nate Attias

I am a Mixer with a passion for sound, storytelling and quality. I have over six years experience in Sound Mixing and Sound Design for Music, Films and Television. I have Mixed and Designed multiple projects from Music LP's, EP's and Films in Spatial/Surround. I have great ears, communication skills and unique mixing skills.

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