Music Producer and Songwriter - MINOR


Music Producer and Songwriter

A young musician trying to make a living out here. I'm the guitar player, producer, and songwriter of a duo called "Bad Obsession", and I've been the beatmaker and producer of a lot of independent artists. I've been the mixing and mastering engineer of every project I had to manage and I also play the piano, ukulele, I sing and I've been a DJ.

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Producer and Song Writer - The


Producer and Song Writer

Nile Rodgers thought my song was "awesome"


Record,Mix,Master,Produce,etc. - Glass



Hello, I own and operate Glass Wave Productions located in the Hudson Valley in New York. I am a life long student of music and I hope to work with you to create exceptional, unique, and professional sounding tracks.


Employed - Fulmine

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Ready to collaborate with you


Remote Mixing & Mastering - 2ohEIGHT


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I am an audio engineer of 11 years from Miami, FL, working across all genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Bedroom Pop to Metal. If you need some spice and flair to your tracks, I'm your guy!


Mixing & Mastering - Connor


Mixing & Mastering

My name is Connor and I have an honours diploma from Music Industry Arts at Algonquin College here in Ottawa, as well as an honours certificate from Introduction to Music Industry Arts (also from Algonquin College). Check out a few tracks on my soundcloud page!


Bass Player / Reggae Producer - Leon


Bass Player / Reggae Producer

Bass player, reggae producer, jamaican music lover, good vibes and good energy in your songs. Let´s make some music!

Recording Stu, M&M, Lyricist - Remi


Recording Stu, M&M, Lyricist

I'm a rapper, lyricist, studio rat. I have a home studio where I create, record, and finalize music projects in the Denver area. Creativity and dedication are never in short supply. I have a certificate from Colorado Sound Studios in Intermediate Recording.


Sound Engineer - Joanny


Sound Engineer

Highly-trained sound engineer with strong musical background, putting emphasis on delivering modern, exciting and high quality productions. Professional for over 5 years.


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