Music Producer and Songwriter - MINOR


Music Producer and Songwriter

A young musician trying to make a living out here. I'm the guitar player, producer, and songwriter of a duo called "Bad Obsession", and I've been the beatmaker and producer of a lot of independent artists. I've been the mixing and mastering engineer of every project I had to manage and I also play the piano, ukulele, I sing and I've been a DJ.

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Recording Studio - Studio


Recording Studio

Get your songs mix/mastered on a professional level with the Hybrid Setup installed in our studio. You want the Analog warmth we have got it baby, we also have the in the box digital ease. If you want both (which we recommend), you are knocking at the right door. Listen to our records and if you like the sound, hit us and we could talk !!!

Music Producer - Lo


Music Producer

The best thing you can do is google my name and listen to the music I've published, this way you'll see what I'm capable of.

Female Song-writer, vocalist - DANIELLA


Female Song-writer, vocalist

Female Vocalist, songwriter and voice-over artist


Music producer - Minigiant

6000 Kolding

Music producer

Minigiant is a collective of producers based in Denmark working on Hiphop,pop and edm. So far worked with artist such as Elo Kay, Diomer, Nnurra

Arranger, Composer, Producer - Sebastian


Arranger, Composer, Producer

A versatile arranger, composer and producer, with experience across a wide range of styles and functions from a cappella to film music.

null - Dave

New York

A producer, mixer, recordist, and drummer located in New York City, David uses his wealth of musical and recording experience to bring the best out of every project he touches. His signature style manifests itself in the betterment of the artists he works with and the impeccable quality of his recorded works.

Songwriter, Rapper, Singer - salemaddams


Songwriter, Rapper, Singer

Rapper, R&B Singer, Songwriter


null - Dwayne

Seat Pleasant

Recording Engineer/Music Producer and Multi Instrumentalist (Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer and some keyboards). Funk, RnB, Gospel, Rock and Dance/Pop.


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