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Hey 👋 I was born in Korea and raised in Ohio. I discovered the Beatles at age 14 (and coffee at age 15). I've played music since age five, from classical violin to pop synths – and everything in between. I'm currently based out of Nashville. I’m endlessly nostalgic for the internet and music of ~2006-2012, and I'd love to work with you.

A musician for all stripes? Look no further! I love to wear stripes!

I've been playing music since I first picked up a violin at four years old. Since then, I've been a contributing member to an eclectic array of bands and styles, from folk to country to alternative pop. I can play piano, guitar (electric and acoustic... obviously), banjo, mandolin, synths, drums, programming (is it ok to say that's something we "play"?), etc. And I'm always down to try and learn a new instrument!

Apart from my experience as a touring musician, I also have a healthy skill set on the audio engineering end. For the past four years I've done freelance audio editing work (particularly vocal editing) for professional songwriters and cross-genre artists of all types. Given that I have literally no savings, I primarily work in the box with Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live. Let me know if you'd like a list of plug-ins, gear, etc.

Finally, I'm interested in expanding the application of my audio skills to include the realms of podcasts, audiobooks, and other non-musical projects.

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Miki Fiki - Stranger

I was the Co-producer, arranger, BGVs, keys in this production

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