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 - NoDazeOff

I enjoy music, whether it's listening to or creating it. I have been composing sound tracks, EDM, jazz, trap, rock, etc., for 11 years. The music is fresh, original, and inspiring. I have a song named Dream Of You, this song is a story being told using nothing but instruments.

composer,session bass player - Alex Fouquet

Starting his musical career performing as a live musician, Alex has toured as a bass player for major productions in Canada, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, with a variety of artists and companies such as Cirque du Soleil’s Cheval-Théâtre. www.alexfouquet.com

Composer, Recording Studio - Michael Engesser

Michael is a prolific composer-arranger and recording engineer. Working in his purpose-built music studio he continues to be part of projects all around the world in Film, TV, Videogames and Music Production.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Jamie McArdle


Jamie McArdle is an electronic pop music producer and mixing engineer based out of New York City.

Music Producer - Uria Simango

Rapper, Singer, and Beatmaker. Genres: EDM, Reggaeton, Amapiano and Kizomba.

Film Scoring, Audio Mixing - Clinton Clark

My name is Clinton Clark and I am an Emmy award-winning composer and studio musician with experience in motion picture scoring and musical landscapes for nationally touring planetarium projects, such as "Voyager the Cosmic Nomad" and "Where Time Began." This award winning work includes underscores for AT&T, American Express, McDonald's.

Musician, Producer, Engineer - Owen Mellett

Multi instrumentalist producer, mix/master engineer.

Mixing and Mastering Services  - Margit Studios

My name is Alexander Andersson and i deliver mixing, mastering, production and distribution from the north of Sweden. I've had costumers from around the world getting their music to sound the way they want it to sound. Im working from home in my professional studio.

Music Producer - Bounce

I am a producer / composer / engineer based in Hamburg, Germany. I have worked for numerous gold- and platinum-artist in Germany, UK & US such as: Lil'Kim, Pharrell Williams, RZA (Wutang Clan), Coolio, Rick Astley, The Underdog Project, Sarah Connor, Andrea Berg, Beatrice Egli, Vanessa Mai & Semino Rossi

Music Producer, Singer - Roody

I Write, Record, Produce and Mix/Master my own Music. I am open to working with others and helping you out!

Music producer / mixing master - Nuggifreshbeatsllc

My goal is too exceed expectations on all projects no matter the budget. Im the guy your looking for when your budget is minimal and you need expensive results.

Production/Mixing/Mastering - Seven Star Music


With over 15 years of Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop production experience, I can help you take YOUR music to the NEXT LEVEL.

Music producer, Keyboardist - blackstop

Music producer, composer, track arrangement, session pianist-keyboardist

Music Producer - Noisereductionstudios

Music creator, producer, mixer, mastering

Session Musician and Producer - Ridiculous Nick

I'm a keyboardist, guitarist and music producer that makes vintage soul and hip-hop tracks. I work with artists, songwriters, other musicians, and studios to provide a unique sound that draws back to the musicianship of the 60's/70's and 80's.

Prod/Arrangement and Mixing - Tony Aparo

Freelance producer/engineer and multi-instrumentalist in Atlanta, GA. Let’s make a record together.

Producer/Sound Design/Engineer - Phat Crispy Productions

Gold Certified Music Producer

Cinematic Composer  - NicholasPatrick

Cinematic Composer For Film, TV, Video Games and Advertisements 25 Years of composing experience https://nicholaspatrickfilmmusic.com/

Producer, Singer, Songwriter - Pablo Diska

I will produce or write your song

Electronic music composer - Bas Kunnen

Bas Kunnen is an experienced (electronic) (pop)music composer, producer and live artist, active in the music scene for 30 years! Besides composing and producing, he is also owner of a music production and recording studio and runs 2 recordlabels.

Productor de música Hip-Hop - SSkillArmy

Beatmaker/Productor de música Hip-Hop, músico sincero, con amor a el arte.

R&B/Lofi/Indie Music Producer - Sebastián Moreno B.

R&B/Lofi/Jazz Producer. Multi-Instrumentalist. Music for Films and Media.

Music Producer & Sound Design  - KABOKO

Music Producer Specialist on Sound Design and saucy Drums. Specialist on West African percussion, Jazz , Hip Hop & Afro House.

Producer/lyrics all genres - OptiMystic Banks

New school flavor with old school roots. Conscious hiphop artist (12 yrs) turned producer/songwriter for all genres. Lyrics are extremely easy for me. i've been featured on tracks Chino XL, Juice(rap olympics champ), KRS One and the like. My influences: Dj Premier, J Dilla, Wu Tang, Sublime, rage against the machine, imagine dragons, 21 pilots etc

Record producer & mixer - soundsbygemz

I'll help you achive a release-ready professional sound.

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - Johnny Malek

DJ / Producer. Mixing Engineer, Number 1 Overall Album via Beatport, number 1 Deep House Album, Multiple top 20 Deep house Releases, Major Record Label Releases including Yoruba, INROTATION and Glasgow Underground. Specializing in Deep House, Afro and Latin House, and Tech and Melodic House.

Mix/Mastering engineer. - Ritchie Zen

35 years of experience in mixing and mastering

Music Producer - Mariano Joaquín

Multifaceted music producer, great performance at a professional level in genres such as house, drum & bass, trap, pop, reggaeton, etc.

Producer and DJ - FeldMusic

Feld vem de Felipe Dias. Musicas alegres e divertidas.

producer - xhens - jens

i am a producer , sound designer

Metal producer&mixer  - Sewing Room Productions

Sewing Room Productions is Elmeri Kinnunen's musical headquarters – the spot where he weaves sonic spells! It's all about rocking out and getting those headbangers going. Picture a place where riffs and melodies collide – that's the heart of the action!

 - Kenwood Anderson

Drummer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician

Audio Engineer; Music Producer - Marco Giordano

Hi! My name is Marco Giordano. I'm from Salerno, a city in the south of Italy, and i graduated in Sound Engineering at the SAE Institute [Milan]. I also manage a recording and mixing studio, called "Studio76", in wich we also have lessons about electronic music production. At the end, i produce electronic music for many customers.

Music producer, Sound designer - Viktor Rose

Hi, I am Viktor and I mainly produce dance music. But I also like to help others with their sound. So , I can produce, mix, master and edit whatever you throw at me.

Music Producer, Rec. Mix & Mas - Lucero Productions

One stop, full service music production company.

Satellite Studio Owner - Michael K. Lund

My name is Michael Lund and I am the founder of Dire Lion Music, a satellite recording and composing studio that works with clients across the globe. I have over a decade of experience in creating and producing music. I am a dedicated and passionate composer who has created music in nearly every genre and style possible.

Producer, composer and mixer - Antonio Escobar

Multi-Platinum, BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated composer, music producer, and mixer, Antonio Escobar, has produced and mixed for artists like John Legend and Zara Larsson. Recognized as a versatile hitmaker, he crafts chart-topping tracks across any genre.

Music Producer, Song Writer,  - Young Von On Da Beat

I have been working in the music industry for 22 years and I'm only 33 years old. It all started for me as a young kid going to the studio with my father as he recorded gospel songs. I joined the band in middle school to learn music because I knew that was the journey I was headed on. I specialize in hip-hop, rap, trap, r&b, pop and soul.

Music Producer - The Darling Invasion

Female producer and songwriter, with a background in game soundtrack music and a love of retro pop. I have a degree in Music Production, but I'm not afraid to break the rules. Call me for catchy melodies and a production that comes from a unique place.

Producer/Composer/Songwriter - Elias Edlund

Somewhere in the middle of an award-winning songwriter, self-produced folk artist, studio owner, up-and-coming film composer. Let’s talk!

Session Musician and Producer. - Cymon Anthony

Hello! I've been writing and performing for over a decade with experience in a multitude of genres, styles and instruments. I can provide a plethora of writing, session recording and production services ranging from ghostwriting to mastering. I specialize in Indie Rock/Pop, Neo-Funk, SynthPop and Alternative but can do pretty much anything!

Music Producer - Andre Forbes

I'm a versatile musician, arranger, and music composer. I'm also well known for my ability to do realistically live drum programming in real time.

Music Producer - Copacabana

Just a hawaiian shirt wearing, fun loving, EDM and Pop music producer... Oh, and being a 6th grade English teacher is just the side-hustle!

Creative Session Recording - Active Light Session Work

At Active Light Productions we specialize in composing and recording parts, sounds, and textures for musicians all over the World. We put our full passion in to being creative and innovative on every project we track for.

Producer & Mix Engineer - Nigel Maestro

My focus is to help you create something that your audience will remember based on how they FEEL when they hear your song!

rock producer, guitarist - Max Quaini

Rock song producer for high-end music libraries - lead guitar player ready for your next guitar solo, just check me out and gimme a try!

Producer, composer, arranger - Elkin Marin

I have over 40 years of experience in music composition, arranging and producing in all types of genres. I compose music for different projects (pop, Latin, house, dance, trance, meditation, cinematic, video game, commercials). I would be happy to work on your song until you are fully satisfied in a high-quality audio format.

Freelance Audio Engineers - Panorama

Mission: Deliver High Quality Audio | Philosophy: Competitive doesn't mean "loud af".

Music Production - AC THE PRODUCER

“focus on sound - not song”

Music Producer - Yossef Armel

If you ever woke up with a song in your head, record and send it to me. I'll help you bring your vision to reality.

Music Producer - LUC - LIMITED BOOKING -

Music Producer in the Genre House, Future House, Slap House and also Pop.

EDM producer for hire! - SVRN.music

Do you want a modern progressive house/EDM song and a professional relationship to a producer i´am your guy!

Team Production, Audio Library - BIG HEART STUDIO

We connect the world of music and business, we create music libraries that build an atmosphere suited to the company's image. Audiomarketing.

Composer - Karl Schoenberg

I can compose music for you project,

Multi-instrumentalist⏐Producer - Mateo Crespo

Mateo Crespo is part human part animal. Ecuadorian with a Costa Rican spirit. Part Native American and part psychedelic adventurer. And he will always be a gentleman.

Beat Producer Selling Beats - RavensRespite

Boom Bap, Asylum Trap, Experimental Underground Hip Hop Producer

Music producer/ beat maker - Rohit Chacko

I specialize in producing, making beats and composing music using Digital Audio Workstations and recording live instruments/ vocals for various artists. I am also a Trinity grade 8 classical and jazz trained pianist, guitarist, ukulelist and vocalist.

EDM Producer, Singer - Oneira

Passionate electronic and pop music producer with a knack for crafting ethereal, epic soundscapes. From cinematic soundtracks to ambient videogame ambiences and catchy jingles, I breathe life into audio. With extensive experience and raving client reviews, I bring creativity, passion, and top-tier mixing/mastering expertise to your music journey.

IndieRock-Alternative Producer - Jose Galvez

Your Voice-Memo-Demo should be heard. I'm your one-stop-shop for making that happen. I play/program drums, proficient with Bass, Guitar, Lead Singing, Back-up Singing, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering. Whatever the hurdle you face with getting your song from your bedroom to everyones ears, I can be the person for you to get over the hurdle.

Producer - Kanadome

I am on a mission to create custom sounds tailored for each individual client, sharing moments of inspiration. From custom composition to mixing and crafting soundtracks for games, I strive to deliver sounds that surpass client expectations."

Producer - Pop, Indie, Electro - Fabio Noktis


I'm a long experienced Electro/Pop/Dance/Indie Pop producer inspired by the new wave of artists like LAUV, Jeremy Zucker, Finneas, Billie Eilish, The Chainsmokers, Blackbear. I can help you to make a great and fresh radio hit, or a inspiring instrumental for your songs, from the arrangement to the writing and mix&mastering. Chec my Spotify "Noktis"

 - Shalev Ne'eman

Hi! I am an Israeli musician living in Tel-Aviv, and I'm inviting you to check out my musical productions, arrangements i made for various projects and groups, and my recordings as a proffesional percussionist. enjoy!

 - Steven Warren

Steven Warren is currently pursuing a Professional Studies Certificate at The Colburn School where he studies with Mark Lawrence. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from Oklahoma State University and a Master's degree in Music from Northwestern University.

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