Heavy Metal Electric Guitar

These pro session guitarists will rock, shred, pluck, gently weep, or funky chunk on your songs at the best rates around

'Session Guitarist' - Raff


'Session Guitarist'

Determination and Passion

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Destroyer


Session Guitarist, Songwriter

I'm an electric guitar player specialized in heavy metal and modern sounds. Proficient on rhythm and lead guitar. I have worked with award winning Producers: Tue Madsen and Jesse Gander. My current band is Deathroll and a former member of Headcrusher. Last year I was invited to write and produce songs for Facebook Sound Collection.

Session Guitarrist - Jon


Session Guitarrist

Musician, Guitarist, Composer, Mixer, Producer and Songwriter. I am the blindpoint Guitar player. My style is rock, Metal.

Session Guitarist and Composer - João


Session Guitarist and Composer

Fresh and modern sounding guitar leads for all music genres!

Guitar Solos And Riffs - TheShyGuitarist


Guitar Solos And Riffs

Hey! I will create an amazing melodic guitar solo or riff for your song! I am adept at shredding, fast riffs, harmonies (you name it). My greatest inspirations are Metallica and Guns 'n' Roses. I am the lead guitarist in my own band, Black Flower. If you want your song taken to the next level, just let me know ;)

Composer, Session Guitarist - Mykey

New York

Composer, Session Guitarist

Limitless Composer. Determined. Honest. Reliable. I can help you get to the finish line.


Heavy Guitarist - Metal


Heavy Guitarist

Check out the song "GENESIS" by STARVE THE FLESH for a sample of a song I wrote! (Linked on Profile) I can write and record high quality guitar parts for metal. I love to be challenged! I would be thrilled to collaborate with other musicians and help them achieve their artistic vision! I will not make anything that I am not fully proud of!

Session guitarist , Composer - Rodrigo


Session guitarist , Composer

I am a musician from Portugal and i play several intruments like guitar,bass and piano. Im 39 years old and i love to make and produce music. For me a music album is a piece of art and it shouldnt be a copy of another album. Above all i apreciate original material no matter the style of music. I always look foward to work with diferent people.

Music Producer, Session Guitar - Raza


Music Producer, Session Guitar

I can make very good music for you in any genre

Composer, Musician, Vocalist - Ezekiel


Composer, Musician, Vocalist

Hello there! I am Ezekiel Nigma, a self-taught musician and composer. I can play guitar, keyboard, do vocals (clean and harsh), and compose music.

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Thomas


Session Guitarist, Songwriter

I love to create music that is powerful, intense, and moving.


Μetal Guitarist / Song-writer - Kostas


Μetal Guitarist / Song-writer

For more than a decade i have been recording and touring around the world with my band Crystal Tears and also as a session Rock guitar player for several music acts. I am a heavy metal guitar player, but i also work in any style of music from classical music to chill out tunes and from soft rock to extreme metal projects.

'Session Guitarist' 'Producer' - Louis


'Session Guitarist' 'Producer'

Experienced session guitarist and music producer. I specialize in rock, punk, metal and everything in between. Owner of a studio and have produced award winning compositions. I have gigged and toured for years and have been on stage with many bands and artists.

Session Guitarist/Songwriter - Pete


Session Guitarist/Songwriter

Pete Breaker (Alphastate,Solo) available for session work(live,studio and tour)

Session Guitar, Music Producer - Gage

Los Angeles

Session Guitar, Music Producer

Unlike most with a 6 strings and fingers itching for speed, I serve the song. Able to pull out the melodies needed to make your song sound complete.

Session Guitarist and Bassist - Hubert


Session Guitarist and Bassist

Need a professional guitarist or bass player for live shows, studio recording or guest appearance? Having hard time with composing guitar parts, solos? Or maybe you want someone that could help you develop your musicianship and instrumental skills? Rock, all genres of metal, or even funk, fusion? You've got the right address.

Session guitarist, Mixing eng. - Antony


Session guitarist, Mixing eng.

Session guitarist and mixing engineer, in rock/metal styles.


Session Guitarist Producer - Dario


Session Guitarist Producer

Let's collaborate! I'm a session guitarist and producer with over ten years cultivating rock, metal, orchestra and soundtrack music. I've released singles in a progressive metal band called Super FX, produced jingles for a variety of clients and released a solo EP. I'm confident that together we can take your project above and beyond.


Music Producer, Guitar Player - Jorge


Music Producer, Guitar Player

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Rattlesnake Profile, where you can find top quality music productions for your artistic project or business affairs.


Session Guitarist - Tommy


Session Guitarist

I can't do much, but I can record great guitar solos.

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