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Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer - Zach Sorgen


Songland winner with 100 million streams. Vocal features with Tritonal, Slander, Sultan + Shepard. Let's work!

Mixing and Mastering - Rob Murray


Mixing and mastering engineer with lots of top pop and indie credits

Producer, writer and engineer - Fred Miller


Hi, my name is Frederik Sørensen – but you can call me Fred!

Mastering for all formats! - Welcome To 1979


High-quality, affordable mastering for all formats! Head Mastering Engineer - Margaret Luthar Staff Mastering Engineer - Bobbi Giel

Psychedelic Mixing Engineer - Psylution Audio (Mauro Merjer)

As a Psychedelic Mixing Engineer & Sound Designer, I look for anything that aims to create food for the brain. After studying Audio Engineering I have spent 4 years traveling, as an intern at various studios, and on the hunt for a definition of Psychedelia, finally being able to use my knowledge in both areas to create something special.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Kevin Reiter

I am a recording, mixing and mastering engineer working in my studio since 2009

Music/sound design for media - Christopher Carter

High-quality music composition, production, sound design, and voiceover work, with a focus on the film and advertising industries. Run by a lifelong musician, multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer with classical and contemporary training and international experience.

Remote Editing and Mixing - Sharat

Hello, I am a graduate in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute, Berlin and been working as a recording and mixing engineer in both studio and live setups. I also have producing experience with my own ensemble band and I am working on releasing EP of another band mid-2017. I am a musician myself and have a keen ear to details and arrangements.

Musician I Producer I Engineer - Manuel Knigge

Manuel Knigge is a professional Audio Engineer, Producer and Drummer based in Berlin Germany. He worked with international artists like Steve Savage, Ronnie Freeman or Phil Vassar and for Recording Studios like Fattoria Musica in Germany or Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN.

DJing, Production & Mastering - Patrick DSP

I'd love to hear about your project. Click the 'Contact' button above to get in touch.

Music Production/ Mixing - KMS-Tonstudio (Kurt)

I make beats, record (mostly vocals) and do editing and mixing, also for podcasts.

Mastering, Mixing, Production - 432Studios

We offer all you need to bring your projects to the next level. With over 20 years of experience in the electronic music industry, we help you to envelope your sound to a level that peaks out on today's dance-floors and will make it into your favorite dj´s playlists!

Mix Engineer, Producer, Studio - Robin Hunt

I am a mixer engineer specialised in blending different genre's together with as common denominator "pop music"

Underground Electronic Music - studiomonologberlin

... will be edited

Composer/Mixing engineer - Tyler L

Hey guys, I’m a Berlin based music producer, composer and sound designer. For the last 10 years I'm creating music for my own musical projects and also for my clients mostly from fashion, advertising and film industries. Feel free to contact me if you need a score for your project or if you want your own tracks to be mixed by me.

Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist - Freddie Dickson

I'm a British singer and songwriter. I work with a lot of indie artists with their songs helping with melodies, lyrics and arrangements. Tend to lean towards darker sounding songs inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Sharon Van Etten and The National. I also write, record and sing bespoke music for tv and film companies.

Music Producer, mix and master - Nico Cabeza

Born in 1986 near Venice and now Berlin based, Nico binds to the music scene at 14 when he decided to buy his first mixer. From that moment he begins to explore the DJing’s concept, an art which at that time was still tied to the underground scene.

working on the tone - blockstudio

This Berlin-based audio production facility combines a flexible project studio approach with enhanced live recording possibilities.

 - Kaleidoscope Studios

We are professionals and we love and live music We offer singers, solo musicians and bands lasting Promotions

Mixing Studio - Filtered Visions

studio and record label for electronic music and djing

 - kozmic sound

kozmic sound in a full analogue recording studio in berlin

Music production and composing - Sonic Boom Studios

A studio with passion for music. We offer composing, recording, mixing, mastering and a place for your creativity.

Mixing Engineer - audioMANUfactory

- Beschallungstechnik - Tontechnik - Live-Mixing - Live-Recording - Audio Engineering

Remote Mixing, Bass Guitar - Marteinn Marteinsson

Hi! My name is Marteinn (Martin) and I'm a Berlin based audio engineer.

Mastering, Beatmaking - audiojuice

I am a mastering engineer and beat maker from berlin, germany

Singer,Topliner - Dean Robert

really excited to bring producers songs alive and work on some amazing tracks.

Warm drums and percussion - Nir Sabag

A drummer and percussionist with 15 years of experience in studio and live sessions.

Composer, Sound Designer - Tomas Chatila Music

It all starts by a story. Expressing it immediately in the most natural way is the way I function as a composer.

Electronic Composer - Yu Miyashita

Electronic Composer / Audio Engineer / Label Gardener

Session Guitarist, Fingerstyle - Ivo Vollering

Fingerstyle acoustic guitar and tasteful electric guitar playing. I love working on other artists songs by setting myself onto the journey of finding the right textures and sounds for them. It's enormous fun for me!

music - Nhow Studios

Take a look at the possibilities offered by the studios, the services available from the hotel and the musical features of this venue – a place of great music production and much, much more!

Recording Mixing Editing  - Michael Viol

I am a sound-engineer and print-specialist.

Award Winning Engineer - Peer "Online Mixing" Hahnefeld

Studio owner Peer Hahnefeld has been working in the music industry for more than 15 years. His credits include numerous national & international No. 1 chart entries, gold-, platinum-, music and media award productions from more than 15 countries from across all continents.

 - Ben Reece

I have just moved to Berlin from Seattle, USA to experience performing music for an entirely new set of ears. Music is my life and I intend to keep it that way by balancing my own original band, singing and playing cover songs, jazz gigs, solo classical gigs as well as any studio work I can get my hands on.

Producer/Composer - ISK-MUSIC

ISK-MUSIC is operated by an international composer, multi instrumentalist and producer creating music in a variety of musical styles. Credits include: Cirque Du Soleil; TV - American Idol, Dancing with Stars; Theater - Musicals Chicago, Guys & Dolls. Composition TV placements - PBS, Discovery Channel, Bravo, Fox Sports...etc


Certified sound engineer / media producer with 6+ years of professional experience

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Stefan Ernst

Stefan is a Berlin based Engineer/ Producer. His aim is to help bands and musicians to bring out the best of their songs.

Recording, Mixing, Film Sound - Melih Sarigol

Experienced in different aspects of audio visual media production. Aim is to achieve a strong intuition of sound phenomenon through observing, listening and improvisation. Appropriate tool for that is the technical knowledge gained during the master studies on sound engineering design at MIAM, Istanbul.

Next Level Mastering / Mixing - CassiBeatz Productions

ADVANCED & STEM MASTERING: $49 (was $99) Mixing & mastering for techno / tech-house producers. We usually get the track to a level of top 100 Beatport chart with our approach designing the track (Stem Mastering™). Advanced™ & Stem Mastering™ specialised for labels and releases. Basic mixing and mastering specialised for promos and testing tracks.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Maximilian Duwe

Specialized on treating vocals the best I can, powerful low end and mixes that vibe. Preserving the feeling you had in mind while doing the rough mix is my goal - as well as bringing it to life and making it jump out the speakers.

Hip-Hop/Pop Producer, Mixer - Yesolo

Professional Music Producer/Beatmaker/Songwriter. I also do Mixing+Mastering. Genres: Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, Pop. Working with interesting artists from all around the World and help them to put their vision in fact is my passion. I breath music.

Sound explorator and engineer  - Manuel Jesus

I have explored many places in the world by touring and travelling and have been exposed to a lot of different kind of music. It opened my mind to all kind of sounds. If you music resonates with me, I'll be happy to work on it, whatever the genre. Because I beleive that good music has something universal in it. And that's what I like to focus on

Soundproofing - sndprf

We are based in Germany and are specialised on soundproofing. You need to soundprrof your studio? Then we should talk!

Producer, Mixing  - Daniel Karelly

Artist, Producer, Mixing Engineer working on a new project with Till Lindemann (Rammstein). I´ve been putting all of my efforts into my german pop band Rakede which I produced (signed to Warner), now it´s on to new endeavours and just wanting to branch out, connect and create. I´m a big believer in synergies and making each other better!

Mixing&Mastering, Sound Desgin - Diogo Magalhães

Creative and idiosyncratic ideas, is what Diogo is all about. Likes to experiment in the process of getting somewhere with the work done. Loves to help people bring their projects to live. Has released his own music in several labels around the world, had his music feature in various compilations and has been a dj for over 10 years.

Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist - Kya Kyani

Singer-Songwriter I am a berlin-based artist. I write and do music for over 30 years. Most recently I started to focus on my career more professionally. Always up to meet new people and create new wonderful music. I am open for writing, and singing for others. Feel free to contact my management.

Vocalist, Writer, Arranger - Jenniffer


Professional singer from Berlin with 17 years full time experience in the music scene. I record vocals, choir arrangements and top lines.

Mixing & Musicproduction - Creativeblue_studios

Mixing Engineer & Producer from Berlin in the genres: EDM, Dance, Pop, Synthpop, Powerpop, Electropop, Mainstream; Speciallized in Radio Mixes / -Arrangements / -Remixes.

Music Producer / Mixer - Richard Williams

I am a Berlin based producer, mixer, writer and sound designer specialising in a variety of electronic based music.

Audio Engineer - Deployment Strategies

Hi there! I'm Vitor. I am a music lover, audio engineer, electronic music producer, record label owner and DJ. Currently I live in Berlin, where I work freelance. I want to help you improve your work in the fields of recording, mixing, mastering and post-production. Just contact me and lets work together to get you a great product.

Making hot Tracks - Cohibaboyzz

we Are the cohibaboyzz from Berlin City A Young Producer Trio WHO got the Beats You Need

Mixing & Production - Michael Lovatt

Experienced producer and mixer specializing in underground and deep sounds, house, techno, electro, trip-hop, dub and more.

Recording Studio, Mix & Master - Madhouse Productions

A team of producers, engineers and songwriters helping your music to sound as big and professional as you are used to hear it in radio and tv. Come in and visit our studio in Berlin!

Mix Engineer and Producer - Federico Truzzi

Sound&Mix Engineer, Music Producer, Music composer and orchestrator.

Top Liner & Vocalist & Writer - Luisa K.

I'm Luisa. The girl you call for some magic. Singing since I'm 5. I'm a natural Top Liner. Writing and working in the industry for over 5 years with all publishers in Germany and Canada and Scandinavia. Degreed music producer specialised in singing.

Recording/Online Mixing and Ma - Massimo Capobianco

As a performer I’ve mostly played in “heavy music” bands (Slow Jams, Blame it on the ocean, The Guilt Show and more) so I’m naturally more disposed to that genre also when it comes to mixing and mastering: however you will notice that most of my productions have been gravitating around pop-singer-songwriters music, as this is sometimes where you ca

Music Producer / Score Compose - Frische Luft Musik

Werbe- und Filmmusik, Musikproduktion und Co-Writing. Frische Luft ist immer gut.

Recording Cellist - Luisa Babarro

German cellist living in Berlin. After classical studies I decided to switch to different genres and explore different musical genres. The last eight years I specialized in Live Touring and Recording for multiple German artist.

 - Tamara Orfila

Hi! I am a singer/ songwriter based in Berlin. My strength lies in writing vocal parts (verses, hooks, experimental) and lyrics. I am capable of creating vocals form scratch or developing the ideas you may have. My range is very wide and includes genres such as soul, r&b, disco, pop, poprock and even opera.

Mixing Producer with Studio - Mic Schroeder

multi award winning producer & mixing Engineer

Production & Mixing - Studiolyrae

Production & Mixing since more than 10 years in Berlin City, Workshop possibility and Production or Classical music lessons for bases for production with the best DAW existing. Running two electronic labels releasing only vinyl.

Freelance Mixing Engineer - Isabelle Schädlich

The genres that I enjoy working on the most are hip hop, pop, singer-songwriter and R&B. I’m a holder of an audio engineering diploma, interning at a big studio in Berlin.

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