Heavy Metal Bass Electric

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Bassist Fretted & Fretless - James

Los Angeles

Bassist Fretted & Fretless

Creating bass waves for over 35 years. Electric bass lines from subtle to extreme and everything in between! Metal, Smooth Jazz, Atmospheric Ambient Soundscapes. I've played bass on many metal and hard rock albums, but I am equally passionate for smooth jazz.

Bassist&Composer for hire - Antti


Bassist&Composer for hire

Seasoned electric bassist with extremely broad experience in different genres of music with a pull towards metal music and rougher bass tones. Decent DSLR camera in possession for potential video recordings! Also a composer, audio engineer, arranger and a multi-instrumentalist (also vocalist) to add to the scope of musical grasp for your benefit!

Session Bassist - Chris


Session Bassist

Electric Bass player with demonstrated skills and technique, highly adaptive regarding genre and style of music

Metal Bassist  - Peter


Metal Bassist

I am a metal bass player and graduate of Berklee College of Music. In addition to my skills with the metal genre, I am trained in upright bass performance and possess a diverse skillset. I have toured & performed extensively for years. I am a master session musician.

Session bassist for you - Dino


Session bassist for you

i played with Steve Vai, Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Ron Bumblefoot, Jennifer Batten, Prashant Aswani, Andy Timmons, Neil Zaza, Simon Phillips and many more I'm official endorser Markbass, Di Marzio, Gallistrings, Hipshot, Sonuus and Rigotti cables. I write to 2 italian music magazine "Guitar Club" and " Chitarra acustica" I recorded over 150 albums

Im a Session Bassist - Kirsch.Music

Buenos Aires

Im a Session Bassist

Versatile Bass Player


Session recording Bassist. - Bruno

São Paulo

Session recording Bassist.

Hi, my name is Bruno Ladislau. I am a professional bassist from Brazil, specialized in Heavy Metal, Prog, Djent, Hard Rock and Trash. I played with Andre Matos, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Eloy Casagrande, Aquiles Priester and many other artists. If you need a solid bass line in your song, you can contact me!

Session Bass player, - Jamie


Session Bass player,

Although still a student I have been able to gain some great experiences I playing different styles and settings, having spent many hours working in studios, both college and University settings and standards I will be able to bring a professional and enthusiastic energy to your project.


Session Bassist and Composer - Beth


Session Bassist and Composer

Berklee College of Music Class of 2021, dual major in Bass Performance and Jazz Composition with a minor in Musical Theater Writing I have been playing electric and upright bass for 12 years and have experience playing all styles of music. I have very strong sight reading abilities and have been praised for my melodic and foundational bass lines.

World-Class Session Bassist - Marco

Buenos Aires

World-Class Session Bassist

Hi there! I'm Marco Toba. I'm a professional bassist and producer who's worked on more than 200 albums from all around the world of all genres from Extreme Metal to Classic Jazz. You want to take your song to the next level? Just hit me up and let's start to work inmediately!

Session Bass player - Kyrkos


Session Bass player

Session / Touring bass player specialized in Metal/Rock and eastern music

Rock & Metal Bassist  - Alessandro

31100 Treviso

Rock & Metal Bassist

Multi-gold selling Heavy Metal & Rock bassist based in northern Italy. I play in Elvenking and Moonlight Haze, having recorded more than a hundred published songs; and I regularly tour Europe, America and Japan. I know very well the difference between playing and playing HEAVY. Former Berklee student and London Trinity College graduate.

Session Bass Guitarist - Jatin


Session Bass Guitarist

I have been playing bass since 2008. I have played bass for groups of various genres like Metal, Hindi/Bollywood Rock, Blues! I can pretty much fill in basslines for any kind of song.

Session Bass Player - Giovanni


Session Bass Player

Bass player and bass teacher, highly flexible regarding genre and style of music.

Rock/Metal session bass player - Manuel


Rock/Metal session bass player

I am a session bass player from Portugal, available for live and studio bass tracks. I have recorded for some metal bands like Enchantya, Glasya, Paradigme State and Caedeous. I play bass more then 20 years. I play metal and rock with original approach.

Bassist - Voltan

Mexico City


Full experienced metal bassist with several studio works


Innovative bassist - Jon


Innovative bassist

The Bassist for your Vision. A bassist in the new age - bringing new and old techniques to fill out your low ends on whatever bit of music you like. Don't just do what CAN be done but what SHOULD be done.

Bass Guitarist - RichMollo

New York

Bass Guitarist

Professional rock/metal bassist for your music session or tour.

Session Bassist, Producer - Nick


Session Bassist, Producer

Sick of your unmotivated and incompetent bassist not keeping up with your riffs? I got you covered. Hit me up and we'll switch your low-end to an all-meat diet!


Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Thomas


Session Guitarist, Songwriter

I love to create music that is powerful, intense, and moving.



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