Bass, producer, composer  - Timothy




Bass, producer, composer

Bassist for the Black Crowes, Tedeschi Band, David Bowie “Blackstar”, Empire of the Sun, Wayne Krantz, Donny McCaslin, Mark Guiliana, One of the best at what I do.






John Capek internationally acclaimed as a composer, songwriter, keyboard player, producer, arranger and scorer for feature films and television. Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt, Cher, Diana Ross, Joe Cocker, Toto, Chicago, Olivia Newton John, Little River Band, Heart, Manhattan Transfer and Amanda Marshall are some who have recorded Capek songs.

Producer, Engineer, Mixer - Brian



San Diego

Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Brian Leshon is an award-winning (multi-gold) Southern California, Producer/Mixing and Recording Engineer. He was Chief Recording Engineer at Cherokee and Chateau Recorders (famous hit-making studios) and was on staff at A&M Records Studios and other top recording studios in Los Angeles. He worked with Devo, Jeff Beck, Kansas, and Rod Stewart.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Forrest



Los Angeles

Mix & Mastering Engineer

I’m a 10-year studio veteran with engineering credits ranging from upstart indie artists to A-list talent. My higher profile projects include work with TOTO, Alex Van Halen, Steve Lucather (Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr) and Steve Porcaro (Michael Jackson, TOTO). I specialize in engineering, mixing and mastering for modern pop and electronica.

Producer・Writer・Horns・Remixer - Printz

Los Angeles


I've written songs like "Where Is The Love" (Black Eyed Peas) to "My Time" (BTS). I'm looking to connect with NEW people, and create 'forever' songs. I'm a 3X Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, artist and multi-instrumentalist. Also, I do horn arranging, remixes and score for commercials and film. ...anything from Trap to Folk to? Le' Go!

Engineering & Producing - David

Geelong VIC 3220

Engineering & Producing

Four decades of engineering experience in live and recorded music production in all genres and across all levels, ability to deliver unsurpassed pristine sonic clarity, separation and punch while retaining true dynamics without sacrificing loudness.

Mastering Engineer - Borza



Los Angeles

Mastering Engineer

A lot of music today is being made in home studios, which is a great step forward for musicians everywhere! That being said, the precision instruments and experienced ears of a mastering engineer are more necessary than ever. I’ve built my entire business around turning DIY recordings into professional production masters for sale and distribution.

Recording/Production/Mixing - TreeHaus

Woodland Hills


TreeHaus Recording is a full service recording studio, from tracking to production to mixing and more. We provide our clients with an inspiring space full of "big-name studio" gear without breaking the budget. The studio also accommodates freelance engineers, producers, and mixers. Our clients include acts such as Toto, Evanescence, Meghan Trainor

Session Piano&Keyboards Player - Daniele


Session Piano&Keyboards Player

Looking for that piano tune? Synths, hammond or keyboards in general? A professionial musician is here to help! Studied piano at conservatory, with years of experience on stages and in studio as keyboards player and completing my studies now at music academy in keyboards and synths. Looking forward to work together!

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