Electric Pop Top line writer (vocal melody)

These pro industry topliners have worked with the best DJs, musicians, and producers and can write melodies that will turn your track into a hit song

Singer, Songwriter, Topliner - Fanny


Singer, Songwriter, Topliner

Hi my name is Fanny, I'm a 23 year old girl from Berlin. I'm a singer and songwriter for more than 10 years now and I did many songwriting projects in the last three years.


Eclectic music production - Hex


Eclectic music production

If you're looking for a Bubblegum Bass/Hyperpop beat, I'm your person! Queer and unapologetic is the best way to describe the kind of music I make and love to listen to. I can build your song from the ground up to your liking or build something around a vocal, instrument, or diddy you got floating around in your head. Let's work together!

Topline Songwriter & Vocalist - Casey


Topline Songwriter & Vocalist

I'm an award-winning topline songwriter and vocalist previously signed to Sony/BMG and Universal Records with the electronic/pop/hip-hop act Swami. I specialise in top-line vocal melodies (both sung and rapped) and lyrics.

Pop songwriter & producer - Bobby

Los Angeles

Pop songwriter & producer

I make pop bops for you to scream along to in your car

I produce mainstream toplines - Rookes


I produce mainstream toplines

Are you looking to get your EDM productions into the mainstream and make your tracks more radio friendly? Then you need a topline to make your EDM track more accessible to the public - to make an impact on the charts and on a new audience.

Top Line/Song Writer - Liam

New York

Top Line/Song Writer

I love creating catchy and memorable top-lines and melodies for song writers, vocalists and producers. I have a natural love and gift for it ranging from Pop, R'n'B, Soul and Dance Music. I currently produce and write for myself and other up and coming artists.

Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer - Trove

Los Angeles


I've written and performed on a top 40 billboard hit, won a songwriting competition with Timbaland as well as surpassing over 50 million streams online. As well as singing, I play, produce and mix and have been doing so for clients for many years. :)

Singer, songwriter - Shanti

Los Angeles

Singer, songwriter

10+ years singer/songwriter credits include Spinnin' Records, Kontor Records, Etcetc, MTV for EDM, IndiePop, Chill, alt RnB, Dubstep for releases internationally including advertising campaigns and writing for other female vocalists.


Songwriter | Top Liner - Samantha


Songwriter | Top Liner

Hi I'm Sam, I'm a singer/ songwriter for all genres with a proclivity towards pop. I have 10+ years of singing experience and 5+ years of studio session experience, and I record and edit my own vocals. I focus on unique melodies and lyrics with depth.

Dark Pop Singer & Topliner  - Notelle


Dark Pop Singer & Topliner

Notelle is a heavy messy dark pop artist who has been specializing in EDM toplining since 2014. There is nothing too weird, too experimental, too basic, too challenging - Notelle will deliver a unique topline for your specific track. To view all of Notelle's writer & featured vocalist credits visit www.notellemusic.com/press .


Topliner, Vocalist, Songwriter - Gracie

Los Angeles

Topliner, Vocalist, Songwriter

Hi! am a Berklee College of Music Songwriting Alumni with over 10 years of songwriting experience & am a professionally trained vocalist! I've had releases on multiple labels both with my own music & collaborations with DJs. I also have my own home studio. I am a hard worker & would love to make your project the absolute best it can be!

Creative vocal production - Ruby


Creative vocal production

I specialize in creative top lining and vocal production (think lots of vocal pitching, tuning, chopping & just playing with vocal recordings). I love creating ear candy!

Topliner | Singer | Songwriter - Tatiana


Topliner | Singer | Songwriter

Published songwriter, winner of Best Electronic Song in the Canadian songwriting contest, toplines cut internationally with a focus on J-pop and K-pop.


Songwriter, Producer & Singer - Martin

United Kingdom

Songwriter, Producer & Singer

Power pop purveyor, adding hooks and glitz to your productions.


Producer, topliner, vocals - Claire

New York

Producer, topliner, vocals

Services including production (specializing in vocals including comping, editing, and turning), mixing, recording, sequencing/programming, toplining, arranging (specializing in piano and flute).

Session singer / top line / - Sully

Melbourne VIC

Session singer / top line /

I’ve written for different projects over the years - from blues/rock to folk and everything in between. But I keep coming back to pop music because at the end of the day, I’ve known forever that I’m completely addicted to the complex simplicities of the pop writing process. Now, I want to work with others to help them with their vision.


Write, Record, Produce. - Griff

Orange County

Write, Record, Produce.

I have been writing and producing for years as an independent artist and music creator and have worked with multiplatinum-selling writers and producers.

Topline Songwriting - Adeline


Topline Songwriting

I write professional toplines for your EDM/electronic pop tracks. I have signed my music to independent labels such as Lowly Palace, LoudKult, Tribal Trap, and Magic Music and I've received over 1 million plays on Soundcloud. I have been recognized by the Rolling Stone India, BBC UK Introducing, and I placed as a finalist in the top 2% in UKSC.

Songwriter and promoter - Hannah


Songwriter and promoter

Suzuki cello from age 3 to 10. Experience with musicals, school and private, with vocal roles. Music performance experience as well as an excellent ear for tone. Achieved first place positions in poetry competitions, and other writing competitions. Experience creating mock music business entities. Currently learning Spanish and writing songs.



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