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These professional lyric writers can transform your melodic ideas into a polished song

Songwriter +Singer +Top-Liner - Emily Brimlow

Hey! Im Emily, Im a Songwriter/Producer/Singer who has written and sung songs that have reached over 30 Million people. Im Pricey but I always Deliver! If you would like to check out my own artistry you can find me on Spotify here:

 - Diana Rasmussen

Heartache, heartbreak, pain, suffering, depression - we have all been there. But like a Phoenix we rise from the ashes one more time. Diana Rasmussen has won many TOP 10 Awards in the Folk, Alternative, Pop, Religious, and Rock Categories at Broadjam, Inc. Her music is on Amazon, iTunes, and has recently been on Women of Substance Radio.

production/mastering/writing - Jatin Puri

Jatin Puri has been performing, writing, mixing, recording and producing music for the past 10 years. He is based out of New Zealand but has worked in a few other countries like India, Australia and Scotland.

Lyricist/Songwriter - Maddie Banham

My name is Maddie and I am a lyricist currently attending University in Toronto. I have been trained in lyricist for 6 years, and am I copy-written lyricist. I am also a singer and have been playing the guitar for ten years, ukulele for six. I am a double-major in theatre and english, looking to get my teaching degree.

Remote singer and songwritter - Krystal

Hello everyone, I'm Krystal I'm from Brooklyn,New York and I have been writing songs and formatting melodies professionally for over 10 years. I specialize in creating harmonies, melodies,vocal placement and lyric writing. I also write rap lyrics. I can help you expand an idea or provide full lyrics as well as melody and back vocal ideas.

Singer/Songwriter - ermakov

I can sing and write both in English and Russian. I have 1mil+ cover on YouTube and my own hit in Russia which is playing in all night clubs.

Vocalist and Writer - Mary Simmons

Vocalist, Writer, Artist

Singer Songwriter, Vocalist  - Blain (blainworld)

Recording Artist / (backing) Vocalist / Singer Songwriter / Composer

Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist - Malachi

I am essentially a one-stop-shop for anything music related. :)

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist - Amanda Pappalardo

My name is Amanda Pappalardo and I am a songwriter, singer, and guitar player based in California. I write for a variety of artists and write in all genres including rock, pop, r&b, country, and blues. I also have a small amount of experience with production and assist with producing songs for artists. Happy to send demos of music if interested!

Session Vocalist - Aisha Barrow

I'm a singer/songwriter based in Hamilton, ON who is available for hire if you are in need of a Topline vocalist/writer for a demo or as a Background vocalist as well.

Recording Vocalists - Sophia Fehri

Hi! My name is Sophia Fehri and I am a singer looking to record your demos. I have a wide vocal range all the way from Barbara Streisand to Demi Lovato. Feel free to contact me with any inquires.

Let's get creative - Cali

I'm a singer + songwriter with my own unique sound <3

 singer/songwriter - Lizz Vega

Lizz Vega is a singer song writer from Los Angeles. My style in music ranges from ( Soul, Funk, RnB, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop) I have written music for myself but am fascinated with the world of collaboration.

Artist - Brooklyn Bridges

Singer, Songwriter

Singer, song-writer - Jordan K.

You don't have to be new, you just have to be you! Have a song relasing July 2021 with JT Roach and Rickie Nolls. "Paradise is Waiting"

Singer/songwriter - Richard Bedford

Singer/songwriter with over 15 years experience in the industry. Mostly known for my work with heavyweights Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren, I have a 2019 Grammy Nomination for Above & Beyond ft Richard Bedford - Northern Soul, IDMA nominations for Sun & Moon and Alone Tonight & lots of BBC Radio 1 and Sirius XM Support over the years.

Songwriter / Male Vocalist - Bobby Banister

Songwriter / Vocalist - I am currently independent but have placements on film/TV/Adverts via APM, a punk band called All My Friends Hate Me, have written for independent artists (The Devil Music Co., Glooms, etc) and have ghostwritten songs with millions of streams :)

 - Livia Nicole

I'm currently a full-time student in first year of Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College. I'm 20 and learning something new every day.

 - Djax

Producer, performer, recording artist, and videographer from Seattle Wa, currently living in the bay area of Cali.

Modern Music Creation - Crytic

I have been composing, songwriting, and producing music for over 13 years. I have programmed cialize in Pop/Urban Pop/RnB/Hip Hop/Electronic

Recording Artist, Songwriter, - Yanni K

Multi-Genre Rap-Singer-Songwriter. As I've done for many others on this site, I will write you a dope song, and make your song pop!

You Are Now Flying - SoufWest

These 2 Pilots have now brought their 10 years of musical chemistry to SoundBetter ..... Come fly SoufWest.

Vocalist/Guitar, Songwriter  - Skye Every

A multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Vocalist), Songwriter, Beat Maker

Demo and Session Vocalist - Sarah Bee

Haunting, dreamy, quirky. “Sarah Beatty’s vocals soar in every way” — Sawdust and Gin. Available for session and demo recordings.

Ghostwrite And Produce Beats - IllyDuni

I make great music and my creativity is top of the line,with my writing skills I can turn any body in to an incredible musician

Vocalist, Songwriter - IDA fLO

Seasoned (like your favorite dish) vocalist/songwriter and studio recording specialist.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer - Nino Lucarelli

Nino Lucarelli is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, & producer known for his exceptional songwriting & high quality vocals. With 75 million+ streams, Nino Lucarelli has collaborated on Worlds by Armin Van Buuren, California by Burak Yeter, Keep My Light On by Dubvision & Raiden, I Should Have Walked Away by KAAZE and more.

Songwritter/Music coach - El-kay

I'm the best at what i do. There is no RnB/Afrobeat/Pop/Drill/Hiphop/Dancehall song i can not write or produce. I can also coach you to master the various pitches of your voice.

Topliner/Singer/Songwriter - Caroline Lazar

I am a topline singer/songwriter with a strong, expressive voice, ranging from sultry and airy to full belt. I generally write in genres of indie, pop, folk, and rock. I really enjoy collaborating and I'm extremely ambitious, so projects will always be done quickly.

Singer/ Songwriter  - ROBBI


I am a Singer/Songwriter from Toronto looking to create dope music. Most of my songs are POP songs that I would like to add and an electronic feel to (Think Diplo meets Tove Lo and Julia Michaels). I have a wide network of people in the industry and I am looking to work with a producer that can take my songs to the next level!

Singer, Songwriter - Lisa Grand


If you're looking for soulful vocals with a sultry tone, and magical harmonies for reference tracks...I'm your girl! If you're looking for deep and meaningful, emotive lyrics to pull on heart strings...I'm your girl!

Singer Songwriter - Laryssa

My name is LaRyss I'm a recording artist (singer/songwriter) from Houston Texas, traveling back and forth to LA and other major music cities. I came out of the womb singing and never shut up.

musician,ghost writer - FlessGod

The Bronx has been sparking much buzz with a variety of experimental artists like King Ceazar who has finessed his fresh east coast swag with a midwest sound. KingCeazar is back in the mix with the release of his official music video for Dog Food. KingCeazar is a promising young rap talent based in the United States. Though his brand is in its ear

Pop & EDM Songwriter/ Singer - Bret M. Sears

Looking for a commercial vocal for your new EDM or Pop instrumental, or maybe just some great catchy lyrics for your new tune? I'm your guy! I have a Justin Timberlake/ Ed Sheeran style vocal with a chain smokers style writing. Let's WORK!

Singer/ Rapper / Songwriter - Riah

Im what you need. I have been writing songs for several years and it is a passion of mine. With thousands of songs written in my portfolio Im sure I can bring the emotion and idea your looking for to your audience.

Songwriter / Singer - Simón Munzvil


Professional Songwriter  - Rozo

Signed to NEON16 Top records - Tu Amiga - Tainy featuring Justin Quiles, Dylan Fuentes , Lennox , Llane Dylan Fuentes - BiPolar Over 100 million streams worldwide

Songwriter/Topline, Vocals - Matthew Coelho

My name is Matthew John, I am an independent singer/songwriter & recording artist.

Vocals and Writing  - Alessa

Experienced session vocalist, songwriter, catering to a wide variety of genres, and specializing in pop & EDM. I have over a million streams on Spotify. Check out some of my work here:

 - John Keefe

I am a Music Prodcuer, Musician, Songwriter, Engineer based out of NY, NY.

Songwriting, vocals - Yooi

I love creating music that is "moving" and that leaves the listener feeling more positive than they did before

Session Singer - John Black - Session Musician

I am an independent and versatile session vocalist with over 12 years of on stage and studio experience with capability to sing both lead and backing harmony.

music producer, songwriter - Kerry 'Krucial" Brothers

Kerry "Krucial" Brothers aka Krucialkeys is a multi-Grammy Award winning producer and an American songwriter, executive producer and record producer. He has worked on four of Alicia Keys' multi-platinum albums: Songs in A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys, As I Am and The Element of Freedom.

Singer,Rapper,and Songwriter - IAMXLOVE

The names IAMxLOVE i'm a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter based out of LA that brings a soulful voice and intricate energy to the music world with a Hip Hop and R&B background that allows me to display my talent in more ways than one when creating my own lane on features or creating a sound for an artist..

Singer-songwriter - Anqui

My song 'Do What' is still hitting the charts worldwide. That was before I really discovered my voice.

Producer, Writer,Arranger, A&R - Justin Siegel

Industry veteran with 20+ years of experience. I have worked on albums by The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Ashlee Simpson, Cobra Starship, Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, Snow Patrol, Macy Gray, Leighton Meester, Marc M. Cogman, Stars in Stereo, City (Comma) State, Electric Century, Who Hurt You, and Maisy Kay.

EDM Topliner/Singer/Writer - MZ16

Just getting started here... Send me your project and get a FREE DEMO! I write lyrics and toplines for your track and sing (you'll get top notch vocals, edited & tuned) on it. I've worked with many EDM producers, songs I wrote gathered millions of streams on Spotify and are regularly played on TV and Radio stations.

 - Malarie Michele

Vocalist. Classically trained. Sings anything. Writes music. Loves tequila.

Session Guitarist & Songwriter - Harrison Bond

23 year old guitarist & songwriter with experience working with internationally established artists.

Songwriter and Vocalist  - Alicia Madison

Alicia is a professional vocalist and songwriter who has had great success in the EDM world, garnering over 10 million combined Spotify streams with her 2017 single "Insanity" and millions of streams with other singles over the years.

Session Singer, Songwriter - Elia Esparza

Vocally trained for 10 years, versatile voice (mostly pop but can sing all genres), home studio ready to go. Featured on The Voice, La Voz Mexico (Sing in Spanish), and have worked as a session/demo singer for over 75 clients. (NYC, LA, TX) Here to make your song come to life with whatever you need!

Songwriter, Producer & Vocals - Jon Hyatt

Professional Songwriter, Producer & Vocalist. I´m here to provide you with hits. I can write you a full song, a top-line or just lyrics. I can produce a full track for you in almost any popular style of music. I can help you with your existing music and make it "sound better" and improve the overall quality to a professional level.

Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Safa Liron

I'm a singer-songwriter, producer and musician. I am specialized in Pop, R&B, Neo-Soul and Afro-Beat. My voice is jazzy and warm, my musical productions go from laid-back & chill to bright & happy and my keys/guitar are smooth. From Erykah Badu to Jhene Aiko. From Kehlani to Billie Eilish. I'm the right one!

Guitarist , Song Writer,  - farahsultan

What you think about writing with music, is it not a good idea?

Background Vocalist/Songwriter - Terrance

Give me the words and I'll sing the hook for you! Give me the part and I'll give you great background vocals! Give me a topic and I'll write you a great R&B or Pop song!

AudioEngineer/SingerSongwriter - Atoussa Zamani

Experienced in several audio related projects such as voice-overs music composition and production, writing lyrics, singing, as well as access to high-quality microphones and well-equipped studios which guarantees a satisfactory sound for your projects. I have experienced the pressure of deadlines hence I take time management very seriously.

pop&rnb singer/songwriter - CAT SPARE


Multi-Platinum Songwriter - Gino The Ghost

Award-winning hit maker.

Rapper, Songwriter, Poet - 2Tai

I've worked with Live Nation & The House of Blues. Been Featured on Fox & ABC News. Wrote and Recorded Songs with Aloe Blacc & For Myself. I'm Ready to Work!

vocalist, songwriter, composer - Moksha Sommer

I can sing in several musical styles and several languages.

Singer, Lyricist - Courtney

Seasoned, versatile professional vocalist and lyricist with over 20 years of live and studio recording experience. Very youthful, buoyant voice that can also achieve depth. I've had the pleasure of working for many Christian artists over the years, including Ron Kenoly, William McDowell, and more.

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