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Photo of Mue Lala

Born in St. Louis Mo. Mue Lala is a refreshing new sound/artist/writer/producer currently residing in Atlanta, Ga.

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Photo of Omar El-Deeb

A musical swiss knife, lover of all genres, I try to morph into the project I'm working on.

Photo of Daniel D Finney

My name is Daniel D Finney and I am a composer, producer and audio engineer based in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from the UK, I was born and raised in Widnes, educated in Liverpool and life-schooled in Manchester. I specialise in providing composition services to anywhere in the world and have over five years experience in the gaming industry.

Photo of Solace Zeta


This is Solace Zeta, a top-notch lyricist for hip hop and other kinds of music. His style is purist, heavy in technical schemes and complexity, and often contains unusually vivid imagery and messages. You kind of get a futuristic-sci-fi-activist-visionary kind of vibe from him.

Photo of Ramon F. Tenorio, Jr.

Hello! I'm Ramon F. Tenorio, Jr., a Filipino Music Producer, Recording/Mixing Engineer & Composer based in Bielefeld/Germany, working in voluminous aspects in today's music and media industry.

Photo of Jack Blakeston

I am a sound engineer who recently moved to the UK. I work with music and voice over. I am looking to establish long working relationships.

Photo of Vocs Studio

Vocs Studio carries out a new promo action! See details inside. We mix and master with passion and personal approach to give soul and life to your tracks. Every musician and every composition is important for us and we always have a sincere wish to get the perfect result with you.

Photo of Dmitry Polukhtin

Rock/Pop/R&B/Hip Hop Mixing, Music Production, Sound Design. Glad to represent you the complex of services by sound engineer and composer Dmitry Polukhtin, namely: creation of music, songwriting, misic mixing, sound design. Have you been looking for a sound engineer, who works at the level you need and does work on time?

Photo of Jacqueline D.

I once won a music competition by flipping my cello and playing it like a guitar. Imagine where that level of pizzaz can take your music.

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