Mixing - Mastering - Producer - War




Mixing - Mastering - Producer

Monetary quantity shouldn't dictate audio quality. Service to hip hop artists with top credit plays with BBC1X, Sony Digital, BBC Radio. We serve and work with artists on a budget who require high quality audio production, mixing and mastering services.

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null - Magda


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null - Nice

North London

,NICE PLACE,Not just another indie band to rejoice about...this is the real thing. After only playing a handfull of shows, North London band Nice Place have already been causing quite a stir. Recently unveiling their video for future single "Recovering" - a contemplative, 3 minute outpouring that sounds like it could be huge, indie music lovers and bloggers alike are starting to pay attention. Echoing, reverb soaked guitars hark back to late 80s heroes such as Slowdive and Ride, although you'd be forgiven for thinking that U2's Edge was in town on some tracks, with Brett Anderson on guest vocal fronting a modern day The Laas. But this is no supergroup, and Nice Place have songs that could go all the way. The band will release "Recovering" with Matrix Promo Music on 27th November., ,,Ice Cream Bear - "Excellent sounds from Nice Place nodding to The Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead and Suede.",,facebook.com/Nice-Place-937Ä,,https://soundcloud.com/icelace,,https://twitter.com/NicePlace44,, ,,https://ww...


21st Century Modern Composer - Jelani


21st Century Modern Composer

I enjoy working with my clientele, getting to know their interests, and seeing what their problems might be and addressing the situation with the knowledge given to me and all around me. As a composer, I am flexible and ALWAYS listening and responding to feedback. LET US MAKE GAME CHANGING MUSIC!


Musician/Producer - Joe

Melbourne VIC


I love being inspired by the artists and projects I'm working on. I can be your beat maker, mixing engineer or I can play on your track. Let's make something cool!

Mix, Master, Session Drummer - Andrew


Mix, Master, Session Drummer

I am an audio engineer based out of NC. I have done everything from mixing, mastering, session drumming, voiceovers, commercials, etc... During my time as audio engineer I have worked under 2 Grammy winning producers, one of the projects being a benefit album for United Way to end poverty in Greensboro, NC.

REcording, mixing, mastering - Krule


REcording, mixing, mastering

My name is Krash Gotovac, and i am a freelance audio engineer from Toronto, Ontario. I trained for two years as a sound engineer in the MIA program in Ottawa, and have been freelance mixing/mastering for about 4 years now.


Producer, edit, mix, guitarist - Bob




Producer, edit, mix, guitarist

Guitar player turned studio guy. Love producing all kinds of music.

Recording Studio - The

Long Island City

Recording Studio

Affordable rates, high-quality buildout with top of the line vintage/boutique outboard gear and instruments.


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