Mixing - Mastering - Producer - War




Mixing - Mastering - Producer

Monetary quantity shouldn't dictate audio quality. Service to hip hop artists with top credit plays with BBC1X, Sony Digital, BBC Radio. We serve and work with artists on a budget who require high quality audio production, mixing and mastering services.

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Remote Mixing & Mastering - CRUESINN


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I'm a Sound Developer who specialize in making you sound the way you want, feel and deserve, in any way possible. Everyone has a sound - let's develop yours.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - KS




Mixing, Mastering, Production

Hi I'm Kian and my passion is to help up-coming and established artists create stunning music without breaking-the-bank! If you're looking for TOP QUALITY Mixes and Masters, at 'Sensible Prices'... look no further! UNLIMITED track numbers, UNLIMITED duration of song, I will mix your individual tracks or STEM files

Record, Mix, Master, Guitarist - Peter


Record, Mix, Master, Guitarist

My name is Peter Shannon, I'm a father and an Ironworker with Local 721, and I have a deep passion for music. I have my own home-studio set up where I have complete mixing and mastering capability along with the ability to record guitars, vocals, keyboards, and bass guitar.


raper - audi



The next big thing audi


Session Bassist - Thom

Melbourne VIC

Session Bassist

I am passionate, educated electric bassist who puts love and energy into everything I play. Allow me to use my expert skills to bring groove and life to your music!

Productor Musical Mix & Master - Richi


Productor Musical Mix & Master

Productor Musical, Mezcla y Masterización, amplia trayectoria y experiencia en el medio musical. Géneros:Latín Pop Urban. Latín Pop. Reggaetón. Rock.Infantil. Instrumental (Incidental). Artistas:Sin Pasado. Levi7as.Michelle Cordero. Madero.Rojo. Asistencias e Interpretaciones: Pasabordo. Pipe Bueno. Lucas Arnau (Latín grammy). Greeicy. Piso 21

Creative SoundEngineer FOH/MON - Yilmaz




Creative SoundEngineer FOH/MON

It is not important what to do, important is how to do.

Mixing, recording, production - ArtSoul


Mixing, recording, production

I've been in music since year 2000, as guitarist and composer in rock and pop bands. I cover wide range of music genres and through years I developed very sharp ears, which will definitely help to improve and finish your projects too. In 2008 I began to produce, record and mix music.

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