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Monetary quantity shouldn't dictate audio quality. Service to hip hop artists with top credit plays with BBC1X, Sony Digital, BBC Radio. We serve and work with artists on a budget who require high quality audio production, mixing and mastering services.

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Producer, Mix & Master, Cool! - Elijah Han Music

My name is Elijah Han and I've been doing this for a while! Got a degree in guitar at Biola University! Did an apprenticeship at JTL Studio in Kansas City!

Song Lyricist - Lance W Toohey

I am a SONG LYRICIST always on the lookout for good music/melody writers to collab with and am seeking to write full time with any studio that sees potential in my works.

Singer-Songwriter - VealCarmen

Passion fuels everything I write and sing! More than songs, more than music, its expression!

Sound Artist - Ekin Bozkurt

I can turn any object to a sound source. I do electro - acoustic compositions by using guitar, keyboard and recording the sound of any objects which i can sample. I'm good at creating sweet - natural sounds such as clicks of mussel shells. I compose and produce samples.

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - Reva K

I’m a student of popular music and have been actively writing songs for over 12 years. Some of them have garnered high praise from music-industry professionals and ranked as finalists in two national songwriting competitions. Two of my songs have also played on FM and satellite radio.

Mix Engineer, Producer - Nick cecil

I can make music that will blow your mind.

Music Producer/Composer/Artist - _Apexius Productions

I've been working on Music Production and Digital Graphics Design as a hobby since I was 12, and I started to develop a strong emotional connection to my projects. Now I've decided to show my professional skills to you and turn your next track into a Commercial-Grade/Radio Ready Hit!


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