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Record yourself or your band. These recording studios have the talent, equipment and acoustic space to make it happen

Record, Mix and Add Producer - Matteo


Record, Mix and Add Producer

I bring your ideas to life, I make the sound alive.

Producer,Composer, Keyboardist - Juan


Producer,Composer, Keyboardist

Hello!Thanks for coming to my page! I am a passionate composer and producer who has worked and performed with a wide variety of artists.From Sheila E to Paulina Rubio. I specialize in producing and taking your project to the next level! my background in Latin Music and Jazz allow me to create and aim for the best result in any musical experience.

Music Producer, Writer, Mixer - Goldo


Music Producer, Writer, Mixer

I love music more than most! I got a record deal back in the day as my artist name, Goldo and played shows with Smashmouth, Sugar Fay, Fiona Apple... My music has been placed in a myriad of shows and films, and was I the first composer on the MTV show, "Jackass". My studio is state of the art and I work remotely. I'm expert at Ableton Live.

Music production & songwriting - Becky

New York

Music production & songwriting

Hire Becky & her team at Mode of Motion Records to build you a song from scratch. With specializations in production & melody, most of Becky's songs are described as ear-worms. Her lyrics are rich with emotional depth & metaphor. Her strength as a producer comes from the team she's assembled around her. When you hire Becky you get her entire team.

Music recording/Publishing - Studio


Music recording/Publishing

Gray Smoke Publishing is a subsidiary of Odic records located in Charlotte, NC. We own a studio that is used to create hit records. We represent writers such as Dawn Mari, Alaska Jay, and Jinnat Indira.

Pop Music Producer  - Steve


Pop Music Producer

Owner of SGMGroupArtists, a boutique Indie label, I write, produce and create tracks for many artists, most notably Andrew Cassara, and Ricki Ayela. Always looking for great new talent to collaborate with!


Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Failsafe


Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Our mission is to offer our clients quality recordings, fast editing and good sounding mixes at a fair price

Producing, mixing & mastering - Tom


Producing, mixing & mastering

I'm a singer-songwriter and producer from Derbyshire, UK, and offer all round recording and production services for electronic, indie, rock and pop music. Previously collaborated with indie label Feirce Panda (who are associated w/ early releases from Coldplay, Keane and Oasis) and smaller artists - including an artist from Universal Records.

Singer , Music Producer  - marun


Singer , Music Producer

i will sing , produce , vocal comping , vocal editing , tuning and autotuned your perfect track


Mexico - Dkps



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Producer, Synth Wizard, Guitar - Alex

Los Angeles

Producer, Synth Wizard, Guitar

With an analog heart and digital brain, my studio has access to many sought after vintage synthesizers but with the convenience of today's digital standards. I produce and remix artists in Pro Tools, Ableton 10, Logic Pro.

Engineer, Producer & Drummer - Joe


Engineer, Producer & Drummer

I'm an experienced recording/mix engineer, producer, remixer and multi-instrumentalist specialising in drums. I work best in Pop, Rock, Punk and Electronic/Synth based Music. I'm able to work from any stage in your project. Whether you just need me to mix a track or have a full collaboration, working together to produce, record, mix and master.


Recording Studio, Mix & Master - Suomenlinnan


Recording Studio, Mix & Master

Our four-control room studio is built inside a beautiful UNESCO heritage building on the historical naval fortress island of Suomenlinna, right outside Helsinki centre. We provide an inspiring space in peaceful surroundings for you to create your art - and we also have great gear and skilled and intuitive staff to help you get there.


Producer / Recording / Mixing - Théo


Producer / Recording / Mixing

music is like cheese


Music composition & production - Vanellomusic


Music composition & production

20 years of experience in composing and producing music & advertising! Apetite for retro disco, pop, electronica, cinematic pop, chillout, EDM, worldmusic. Some of my songs became NrOne in the international online charts. I work with artists from UK, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Poland, France , Romania. Everything under Vanellomusic brand. Join us!


30+ years Producer&Instruments - Matti


30+ years Producer&Instruments

20+ years producing electronic, pop & rock music. Songwriting & composition. Conservatory trained studio musician (Grade): Classical guitar (10) Piano (8) Cello (6) Violin (3) Accordion (Chromatic), Orff (4) (all four wooden recorders, xylophone, marimba, mellophone, arrangement), hand drums (4,bongos, darabouka, doumbek, castanets)

Vocalist and Songwriter - Alexandra


Vocalist and Songwriter

I work in production, I am a songwriter and vocalist mainly. With a degree in Performing Arts and Music with a scholarship from Wayne State University in Michigan. I am looking for collaboration, I write lyrics and melodies, and can record professional vocals.


Recording studio, mix master - De


Recording studio, mix master

Mixing and mastering engineeer. Arranger, composer, voice editor, voiceover artist.

Music composer and producer - Major


Music composer and producer

Music composer and producer, mixing and mastering.


Keyboardist and Producer - Karl


Keyboardist and Producer

Keyboardist and Producer who dabbles in a bit of everything. Mainly focused on soul, hip hop and jazz. Started playing keys at age 10. Been involved in several different kinds of bands (funk/motown/soul/hip-hop/top 40).


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