Afrobeat Programmed drums

Multi Percussions & Drums  - Cid


Multi Percussions & Drums

Contemporary, Recycled and Traditional. Studio & Live Percussionist / Drummer with own percussion-recording-studio in Berlin. Background on african, brazilian, funk, rock, reggae, electronic. I love to experiment with recycled percussion instruments, making music with daily objects and giving a touch of uniqueness to the songs.

.'singer', 'songwriter', - lexx


.'singer', 'songwriter',

wrote and sang on 'One home, One farmer' for world hunger day 2018 Wrote and sang on all songs on the 'Mind Over Matter' ep I am exceptional at song writing (lyrics and topline melody) and am an excellent vocalist

Session and Recording Drummer - Prince


Session and Recording Drummer

I’m a professional session , recording and stage drummer . I also love to engage with different styles of music and I work in my professional

Music Producer - Skeellz


Music Producer

I specialize in Afrobeats. I also make other genres but whatever I make always has that Afro base as that is my primary genre


Latin Afro-Caribbean Producers - Dream

Panama City

Latin Afro-Caribbean Producers

We have the Latin / Afro-Caribbean Urban sound your music needs. We specialize in music production (beatmaking, composition, songwriting), urban sound oriented mixing & mastering.


N/A - N/A

United States




Write, Produce, Mix, Master - GeronimoeDC


Write, Produce, Mix, Master

Music is the only thing that penetrates your mind without your permission....Make sure it's GUD Muzik....Peace!


Producer, Composer, Remote Mix - Shaan

Los Angeles

Producer, Composer, Remote Mix

I am Shaan Mehta, AfroBeat music producer and songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. I have also produced for many hip hop & r&b acts including rapper Ohana Bam. Worked on the last EP for Empire actress Serayah. I play piano and guitar which is incorporated into my arrangements. I produce everything on Ableton Live 10.

I'm music producer, Musician - iBen


I'm music producer, Musician

I'm also a very fine multi instrument player, with much more strength on the piano/keyboards

Music Producer, Session Keyz - Trukordz


Music Producer, Session Keyz

I can direct and create the Wow Factor in your music, from sounds to progressions to arrangements.

Music Producer, Mixing and Mas - Say3


Music Producer, Mixing and Mas

I'm an exciting producer that delivers radio ready mixes, featured on DJ Mag and Soulection Radio.

Music producer - beat maker - VLO


Music producer - beat maker

I make sick sounding beats out of stacking bad samples, meaning that it's hard to copy my sound. I specialize in soundscapes in my music, to give the song a special feeling and emotion that lives underneath the vocals. My productions are designed to fit almost any type of vocal.

London Based Producer/Engineer - Guillem


London Based Producer/Engineer

Multi-genre producer, mixing and mastering engineer based in London. My speciality is club sounds and afro vibes.

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