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Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Sinatra


Producer, Mixing and Mastering

Ben Sinatra is a music producer who specializes in rock, metal, and jazz. Ben is most known for producing his band, The Amiimopps. In 2020, Ben produced two albums with the Amiimopps which range from rock, acoustic, metal, and jazz. Ben has written, played, mixed and mastered over 20 songs in the past year.

Vocal Tuning Specialist - Pro


Vocal Tuning Specialist

We are the best in voice tuning and audio editing, simply because we only do this.


remote mixing & mastering - DOMRAFA

São Paulo

remote mixing & mastering

Producing all kind of sounds, mixing & mastering your sound or I can make a beat for you.

Singer/Writer/Vocal Coach - Laci

Los Angeles

Singer/Writer/Vocal Coach

Worked professionally as a Singer/Songwriter in LA doing music for 10+ years. Wrote for many artists under Universal Music Group. Worked with artists like Common, Noah Neiman, Talin Silva, & Stevie Wonder. Written/sang songs for many Indie films in the film festival world. Guaranteed delivery of high quality audio/talent with fast turn around.

Recording Studio, Engineer, - Music


Recording Studio, Engineer,

The goal of my world in audio is to create the most organic/rhythmic/ experience with whatever material I am given. I specialize in taking digital edge off of organic performances, letting the performer shine through. Placing you in a moment

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Kumail


Music Producer & Mix Engineer

I'm a music producer, performer and DJ from Mumbai India. I've been recently signed to Bastard Jazz recordings from Brooklyn, New York.

Mixing, Mastering & Recording - John


Mixing, Mastering & Recording

JSR Studios offers a special blend of modern technology and rustic comfort, making it one of the most popular studios in central Ohio. Whether you play rock or jazz, country or metal, hip-hop or folk, we are uniquely qualified to help you best capture "that sound" on your next project.

Guitarist, Bassist, Producer - Bob


Guitarist, Bassist, Producer

I have 20+ years experience as a musician. I play mainly guitar and bass, but I have my own studio and am a trained engineer and producer. My main project is One Week of Days, which is a group that I have with my wife Jan. Before that I played bass in Kaydee, when we were signed with EMI records.


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