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Drummer - Markos





REGGAE drums recording is what I do best! Also recording other styles. If you need a mix of both vintage and/or modern, you're in the right place. E-drum midi recording also possible. Recorded many albums & songs for many artists with positive reviews. Fast learner, an read drum notes if needed and record them with or without additional touch.

Touring and Studio Drummer - Dave

Los Angeles

Touring and Studio Drummer

Extremely driven and ambitious Musician with an extensive background in Live Performance, Touring, Recording, Production and Drum Arrangement. More than 20 years experience as a Musician & 11 years as a Professional International Touring Drummer and Producer.

Grammy Nom./ Music Producer - Dario




Grammy Nom./ Music Producer

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to get to this place. I opened this profile to publicize my skills, connect with people who have been fundamental to get where I am, so you can enjoy and know part of my work and above all so that you know that between you and me there is no distance because we are human and we are equal. If in any way I am useful.

Percs.Drums.Vocals.Songwriter - Spuddy



Peace & Love! The work speaks for itself. Percussionist, Drummer, Emcee, Songwriter, Vocalist, Producer, & so on... I love all that I do & do it well. Allow me to share a bit with you. I'm only a click away!

Music Producer, Mixing, Bass,  - Nick




Music Producer, Mixing, Bass,

i'm excellent at reggae, dub, & the rockers sound. i play bass and produce music.

Mixing/Production Engineer - Courtney


Mixing/Production Engineer

Hi, I am Courtney Mclaughlin a professional Audio engineer based in Kingston Jamaica. I am a REGGAE music engineer for 18 years, I've worked with nationally and internationally successful artists such as Jimmy Cliff,Toots Hibbert, Duane Stephenson, Etana, Capleton and others including local and Independent talents, in the Reggae fraternity.

Recording Studio / Production - Bad

Pompano Beach

Recording Studio / Production

Bad Lions Productions & Studio, run by partners Aston Barrett Jr. & Alaina Reed is the home of the authentic roots, rock, reggae sound of Bob Marley & the Wailers. Grammy nominated, Aston Barrett Jr, son of Aston Familyman Barrett, continues his father's legacy with the real feel and sound of reggae music here at Bad Lions.


Recording and Mix Engineer - Bonzai



Las Vegas

Recording and Mix Engineer

Six Time Grammy Winning Recording and Mix Engineer.

Recording & Production Studio - Bat

63200 Marsat

Recording & Production Studio

Specialized in Dub & Bass Music. BAT Records label was founded by musicians and professional engineers around a studio. Lots of analog gear, easy recording and mixing on reel to reel tape recorder.

Music Producer - Orion



Tel Aviv

Music Producer

Music Producer, session musician (bass, piano, drums, keys, guitar), session backing vocals, vocal engineer. Producing and playing for Top Chart artists, mostly in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Recording Studio, mixing - The


Recording Studio, mixing

Amon is the owner and head engineer at The Bridge Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is also the founder and creator of the Analog Players Society, a group of session musicians whose releases, "Hurricane Season in Brooklyn" and "CYK to JFK" have been met by critical acclaim including being featured on NPR's Fresh Air.

Music Producer - Melody

Panama City

Music Producer

We record with real instruments. We are a recording studio - Music Academy based in Panama City.


I play and make music. - UnkaMike

Streatham Hill

I play and make music.

I am a pro drummer, songwriter and music producer, with over 20 plus years of experience of playing and making music, I range in many styles, I can read and play to a click track, I have worked with many artist, groups and so on, I am available for work, have drums, will travel.


Produce, Record, & Mix Roots - Lawrence


Produce, Record, & Mix Roots

If you want original, authentic, traditional, and modern production, recording, and/or mixing for roots reggae, hip hop, & world music, then look no further. I have been producing, recording, and mixing top quality music for about 15 years and know the 'REAL' sound like the back of my hand. I have worked with many legendary roots reggae musicians.

Editing, mixing, recording. - Polish

Green Bay

Editing, mixing, recording.

I'd love to help you to get your project sounding the way you envision it. Have mixed bands like Canned Heat, Long Beach Rehab(CueBall's sublime tribute), Afro Man and others. Been in the studio with Alan Sanderson and others on both sides of the glass. 15 years experience.


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