Heavy Metal Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Live Sound Engineer - Liam Kriz Audio

Let’s Get It!

Producer / Mixing & Mastering - Alex G.

I have what’s needed to take your productions to the highest level. Focusing on what it's necessary to make your music sounds as professional as it can be. Every song is unique and it needs to be treated as such!

Producer, Mixer, Mastering - Leifur Orn

I want to help you achieve the sound that you're looking for!

Music Producer/Session Drummer - Cameron Losch(Born of Osiris)

Want some epic drums over your music? Need a guitar solo in your song? Do you want me to write a song for you or your band from scratch? Need some keyboards or an orchestral arrangement? Do you need a solid bass guitar recording? I play drums in a metal band called "Born of Osiris" and I can assure you my styles are not limited to just metal.

Mixing, Producing - Alexander Maidl

Hey ;) I'm Alex and would love to mix your track! If you need your recorded Drums be replaced by a sampled drum, ask me too :) Or do you need help writing your song?

Mixing & Mastering - Mike @ Earthrise Audio

Pro Tools Operator Certified Engineer.

Music Producer, Pianist - Taloji

Nothing much to see here.

Mixing & Mastering - Waterfront Studio

I am a Producer, Mix Engineer & Musician based in Scotland. I have worked with all genres from indie to Afro Beats to rock & metal.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Dark Lit Studios

A creative space with the tools to help bring your songs to life.

Lyrics - Will Gardiner

If you've got great music with no words, I've got great words with no music.

Session Drummer - Mitchell Clark

Played in bands that have performed alongside Born of Osiris, Beyond Creation, Oceano, The Agonist, Battlecross, AND MORE!

Mixing - Yaroslav

Make groove not kirpich

Remote mixing & Mastering - SirDuke33

BA Honours in Music Production, producer for Be Subtle!, passionate and well rounded musician.

DJ - Andrés Lozano

Los anillos son una parte importante en la imagen de cualquier músico que se precie y en nuestra web los tenemos para todos los gustos.

Guitarist,drummer, songwriter. - Wh!te mascreade

I wanna start a band and start posting my music to Spotify and other platforms.

Guitarist, Bassist, Writer - Stuart Moir

Experienced studio musician playing electric guitar and bass. Proficient in any style but specialise in rock and metal. Help with writing or complete compositions.

Metal Mix Engineer - Edward Batchelor

I have a decade worth of experience working with DAWs and have finally reached a point where I feel confident enough to seek out clients. My background is mostly in working with Metal subgenres. I love working in a live setting or in a studio, but do the bulk of my editing and mixing in Presonus Studio One Professional 4. I have hundreds of plugins

produce, mixing, mastering - Wouter Goolaerts

produce, mixing and mastering for your heavy songs.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Lukas Ekberg

University level education in all things audio, with over 5 years of experience. I specialise in hip hop, rock and metal music.

make heavy metal music  - Thatbeatmaker

i will make it big no matter what you think

Modern Metal Songwriter/Prod - Adrien Gonzales

Songwriter/producer specialized in hard-hitting hybrid genres such as modern metal blended with electronic/cinematic music. Currently writing/recording/producing an album for a band from Toronto. I'm also a solo artist collaborating with singers from different bands. Here's my latest release : https://koji.to/k/8NHW

Engineering, Mixing, Mastering - William Blackmon

I'm a half Brit / half Swede living in Sweden. Most of my work is in a studio I run called The Overlook, located in the top of a 120 year old Seamen's church in the centre of Gävle. I record, mix and master. Most of the bands I produce/mix are in the extreme genres - but as an engineer I've worked with a lot of folk, pop and jazz.

Mastering - Louie Gonzalez

I want to help take your music to the next level!!

Home Recording/Mixing Studio - Wesley Waibel - Audio Engineer

You've spent ages crafting and writing your songs. Let's work together to capture them and release them to the world in the way they were meant to be: clear, punchy, unique, and special.

Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering - Andre Jonas

Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Based in Kiel, Germany – Your Vision Is My Mission

Mixing Engineer - Brandon Morris

Professional Mixing for Metal genres from Djent to Doom.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Chi Ku

punchy in your face mix? hire me !

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Audio Inn Recording

Take advantage of our affordable rates and our team of experienced engineers. We now offer remote mixing and mastering. Additionally, if you need anything re-tracked we have a team of session musicians that can get that done. You're not another client to us, we care about your project as much as you do, so come be creative with us!

Musician, developer, producer - Ksay Mentor

Record metal guitars/drums/soundesign and mixing.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Hybrid Music Lab

Remote Mxing and mastering, Music Producer and Arranger, Recording Studio and Rehearsal Room

Mixing & Mastering - Chris R

Qualified to BTEC HND level. Active experience in Music Production, and Voice & Audio Production in the Video Games Industry.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Deadtree Productions

I specialize on metal and extreme music taking lots of influence of the big metal producers like Will Putney, Buster Odeholm or Joey Sturgis but at an affordable price. Crushing mixes in no time.

Music Producer - Thomas Kummerfeldt

Music producer, recording, mix and master engineer. Berklee College of Music graduate (professional music - production and engineering concentrate). Experience in metal genres, especially doom, sludge, ETC. open to other genres such as jazz, rock, blues and anything in between.

Ghost writing rock & metal - Starling Music Mixing

I am a professional music producer working in the genres of Metal, Rock, Pop Punk. My goal is to turn your ideas into music and help you sound amazing.

Session work, recording, mixin - Josh Freeman

Session guitar and bass work. Can also program drums and provide some midi work depending on skill level needed. Work on metal, rock, country, or soundtrack music. Looking to get more work to pay for my solo album.

Music Producer - Rex Audio 452

Quick n Easy Bases

Mixing, Mastering, Composing - DALY

I create music that gets stuck in your head

Recording, mixing, mastering - Deathmetaldude

Hey, I'm a serious metal musician with a ton of hands on experience.

Hard rockin' guitarist - Domonic Rini

Have an idea of a song you want but can't think of a powerful riff? I can add some pizazz to your song and give you something that'll stand out and be memorable.

Mixing & Mastering - Kristian Øgir, EverloudStudios

Quality work for a great price, full mastering included. Nearly a decade of experience, Specialised in the mixing and mastering aspect of Metal and Hard Rock production.

Modern Metal Music Producer - Jackson Yancey Audio

Insanely Heavy Modern Metal Productions.

Remote Mixing and Mastering, - Vladimir

First song is free

Songwriter - AMDOA

Yhu acting funny I overlook the weird Still pass some bread Yhu not ready to change Yhu knw that's bahd *I drop yhu like a bad habit Under anykinna weather Even if it's sunny I only keep it real if Yhu 4 real I ride and die for yhu Never gonna dose off the wheel if yhu knw tha deal

I make people sound good. - Nate

The biggest part of choosing a producer is choosing someone who "gets it"Threre is no music too weird, too experimental for me not to be able to wrap my head around and help bring out its best. I have worked with rappers,R&B singers and groups, Orchestras, and Death metal bands. I have produced metal and R&B songs in the same day. Try me!

Heavy Metal - Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy

Ataur Rabbi Shusmoy Is an Bangladeshi Social Worker,entrepreneur and musician

Mastering Engineer  - Ste Kerry

Credits include Busted, Charlie Simpson, While She Sleeps, Mark Owen, Malevolence, SHVPES, Brigade, Happydaze, Universal Music Group, Spinefarm Records.

Audio Engineer  - Tyler McKay Brutal Audio

Audio Engineer. Mixing/Mastering, Editing. Credits include: -Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIII-2: “Crazy Chocobo.” Mixing and Mastering. (2012) -Tony Underwood. Tone Poem 1 And Your Tuba Too, Tony! “A New Shore (feat. Jesper Kristensen).” A2. (2011) -P.D.P. “Mass Delusion.” Additional Engineering. (2011)

Rock/Metal Session Drummer - Kade Kenneth Edwards

20+ years of experience as a multi genre percussionist - High Quality RME audio conversion - Paiste Signature Cymbals

Theremin player  - Karen Cecilia

Add the sounds of a theremin to any music piece

producing, mixing, mastering - Alex

Hi I'm Alex and I'm a mix engineer with more than 10 years of experience. In addition to the standard plugins, analog hardware will also be used to refine your mix. In the last 10 years I have mixed hundreds of songs and made a small selection avail

Producer, Musician & Founder - Amundsen Studio

50% discount for the first five new clients when you provide a review - very limited time offer, order today! Bachelor degree in Musicology, Gold Standard Mix verified by HCMS. Experience Your Audio In The Fast Lane - www.amundsen.studio

Metal, Rock & Punk Mixes - José A. Medina

I'm a Spanish producer and engineer with 20 years of experience whose headquarters are in Uniphonic Studios in Mexico City. You can listen to a small sample of my work here at Soundbetter and, if you like it, send me a message so I can send you some lossless audio samples.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matthew James Mahler

Guitarist/Bassist/Songwriter/Producer for 4 NJ Bands. Feeny, Guilty Spark, Of Guts and Glory and Thaumiel.

Audio Engineer - ChameleonSound

I'll be consumed by any project you throw my way

Lyricist, Singer, Guitarist - heathens

I've been playing guitar for several years while writing lyrics. I am in a band called Greenlayne as the guitarist and singer. I currently record all of our demos and am able to write instrumentals or try my best to make a song sound however you’d like!

Home studio Mixing/Mastering/ - Wall of Death Studios

Up and Coming Audio Engineer trying to get his start

Creativity Consultant - Jimethea

Multi-Instrumentalist with a Creative Perspective Looking to Breathe New Live into your Music!

Remote Mixing / Mastering - Dark Void Studios

A professional that works with results, art and satisfacton of all, always searching for the good sound and audio quality!

Recording/Pro Audio Services - 1260 Studios

Recording to Final Mix song production for full bands and individual artists.

Music Producer, Songwriter - Scott Gross

Original guitarist/songwriter for the NY based band From Autumn to Ashes. Now freelance Producing, Songwriting, Mixing and Engineering with a long list of clients and credits in Rock, Hop-Hop and Pop. Have songs on Freddy vs. Jason Soundtrack, When Punk Goes Acoustic, Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - ÆTHERIX Music


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