Heavy Metal Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Metal Vocalist, Mixer - Evgen Zoidze

I'm a metal vocalist with more than 10 years experience, and work as a session vocalist for more than 7 years now. I can sing in different genres of metal and rock music using a variety of clean and extreme vocal techniques.

Writing, mixing, mastering - Rumble Room Studios

I specialize in working with metal bands but my influences cover most genres. I also started specializing in writing instrumentals for covers of famous pop songs. My most notable work is a cover my band RVNT did of Halsey's song Without me which has hit 250k streams in less than 6 months without label backing.

Music Producer, Songwriter - Scott Gross

Original guitarist/songwriter for the NY based band From Autumn to Ashes. Now freelance Producing, Songwriting, Mixing and Engineering with a long list of clients and credits in Rock, Hop-Hop and Pop. Have songs on Freddy vs. Jason Soundtrack, When Punk Goes Acoustic, Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Musician/Mixing Engineer - Tre Watson

I've worked with lots of amazing musicians and on Games like Doom Eternal. Let me help make your project stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Audio Engineering - Lukas Giersberg

Fast, reliable work from Germany.

Recording Studio - Chase Draney

Session guitarist with experience in audio production, editing, and mixing. Looking to expand my portfolio.

Producer and beatmaker - Juan Benitez

Hello there, Juan Benitez ready to help you produce your song from start to finish. mixing and mastering included just for you. Guitarist and bassist, programing drums and instrumentation also guttural and screams if the song requires it.

Audio Engineer/Guitarist - Bryan Mayrovitz

Audio engineer

Mixing & Mastering - Zane Pugh

Assistant Engineer to Jason Maas (Citizen, Counterparts, Title Fight)

Session Guitarist - Dakota M Petrie

I have been playing Guitar for nearly 15 years. I'm a seasoned player in many different genres of music. I've had the great pleasure of working with the best music producers in the world through my apprenticeship under the composer/arranger David Campbell, in which I would help David with the music production and transcriptions for session players.

Mixing & Mastering - Kristian Øgir, EverloudStudios

Quality work for a great price, full mastering included. Nearly a decade of experience, Specialised in the mixing and mastering aspect of Metal and Hard Rock production.

Doc by day, mixer by night - Dr. Fix Your Mix

I'm a Doctor by day and professional studio engineer by night.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - lukarmusic

I mix music in the 80s style and create heavy mixes!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alessandro Galli

I'm an audio engineering student, and i want to improve myself. For gaining experience, i'll work for free!

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Aleksandr

I am here to achieve the best sound for your tracks.

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produce, mixing, mastering - Wouter Goolaerts

produce, mixing and mastering for your heavy songs.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - MARCO

Get professional mixing and mastering done with efficiency and quick turn around.

Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering - Ryan Clark


Hello, My Name is Ryan. I am a Mixing and Mastering engineer from Rochester, Washington. I have Mixed and Mastered albums from artists such as: Transcend: https://soundcloud.com/icarussoundstudio/transcend-guidance-album-teaser Unto the Lion: https://soundcloud.com/icarussoundstudio/unto-the-lion-a-choice-of-origin-album-teaser

Mixing and Recording - Pedro Teixeira


Experienced Mixing and Recording Engineer with an inclination for the heavier side of the spectrum.

Producing/Mixing/Mastering - Alex Crescioni

Los Angeles based Music Producer / Mixer.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Ramir Hernandez

Ramir Hernandez is a New York based music producer and mixing engineer with over 15 years in the field of audio engineering and music production. Specializing in Mixing/Mastering for Hiphop, Reggae, Metal, Rock, Pop, R&B, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and Electronic Dance Music, Ramir is ready to deliver nothing but sound quality and expertise.

Home Recording/Mixing Studio - Wesley Waibel - Audio Engineer

You've spent ages crafting and writing your songs. Let's work together to capture them and release them to the world in the way they were meant to be: clear, punchy, unique, and special.

Producer/Mix Engineer - Open Eyes Productions

Mix engineer/Touring musician. I live music.

Producer, Session Guitarist - Billy Pfister

I specialize in recording, producing and writing music for clients I also help clientele reach more of a market for their music by helping with advertising and marketing strategies. I also have done Post Production in New York City for various movies and video games.

Recording Drummer - Edo Sala

Studio Rock/Metal Drummer.

 Guitarist, Producer, Mixer - Jonny

Creative Guitar Player and Music Producer. Specialize in Alternative/Indie to Rock and Extreme Death Metal

Audio Engineer - Esteban Banda

Studied audio engineering at Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN. Skills I've learned during this time include recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. I am also currently subscribed to Nail the Mix, an online program where each month subscribers get a new, previously released professional grade song to learn how to mix.

Recording Studio Remote Mixing - Yave Rust

I can make you sound sick, ignorant, glorious or evil.

mixing & mastering - Mat Laperle / Red dusk studio

I am a Metal / Hardcore / Punk engineer based near Montreal, Canada. I've been producing/recording/mixing/mastering bands since 2007. [Credits include: Arise Horror, Beheading of a king, Obliterate, Blind Witness, Depths of Hatred, Disfigured Elegance]

Mix/ Master/ Collaborate! - Music Box

Fun, Friendly & Passionate Sound Engineer! Unlimited revisions! Working With you to create your Masterpiece!

Remote production - Screaming Metal Blood Axe

I write, record, mix, master, produce, sing, and play. I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal and I mostly use them for evil. Help me help you make something dope.

Music Producer - Rex Audio 452

Quick n Easy Bases

Full Time Audio Engineer - Tolis Vagios

Hi everyone, I am Tolis a full time audio engineer and musician based in Greece. I own Vicious Antelope Productions an audio and music production studio offering premium mixing and mastering services using both analog and digital equipment.

Lyrics - Will Gardiner

If you've got great music with no words, I've got great words with no music.

Mixing, Reamping - Ryan D Jones

Operating out of GrowlHouse Recording offering digital to analog mixing, guitar reamping, drum tracking. Specialized in heavy metal and punk music including bands on Fat Wreck Chords and Alternative Tentacles.

Songwriter - AMDOA

Yhu acting funny I overlook the weird Still pass some bread Yhu not ready to change Yhu knw that's bahd *I drop yhu like a bad habit Under anykinna weather Even if it's sunny I only keep it real if Yhu 4 real I ride and die for yhu Never gonna dose off the wheel if yhu knw tha deal

Guitarist,drummer, songwriter. - Wh!te mascreade

I wanna start a band and start posting my music to Spotify and other platforms.

Rock & Metal Producer / Mixing - Jimmy Almonte

Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer and Multi-Instrumentalist specialized in Rock, Metal, EDM and Urban Music. Jimmy is the head of Enigma Records label and has produced bands like After Silence and Mad Strangers.

I record HQ electric guitar - Rifshan

I started playing electric 7 years ago, Since then I've collaborated with several local artists.

Rock/Metal/Hip-Hop Mixing - Maverick Production

14-year musician, 4 years engineer. I love music as well as make it. Driven as well as focused on creating the best sounding beats, bass drops, guitar riffage, and metal breakdowns out there!

Recording studio, Producer - No Silence Sound Studio

If you're looking for a place where the professional quality meets good prices, then we're who you're looking for! If you're interested, don't hesitate to email us for more information! http://www.nosilencestudio.com/

Live & Studio Sound Engineer - Anton Hristov

Creative live & studio sound engineer focused on making your music sound outstanding.

Sound Design, Mixing - Carlos Carvão

Sound Designer, Producer, Recording Tech and Mixer currently doing a Music Technology Top-Up in Southampton Solent University. Based in Southampton, UK, he has produced, recorded, mixed and/or mastered works by CRUA, MASSA MERDOZA, ANDRÉ HENCLEEDAY, THE REAKTORS, films and own works.

Vocals, Production - Cleo Kaerf

I'm a music and commercial producer. I've worked with dozens of small time bands, and I'm currently producing for 3 radio stations. I've worked on a variety of genres, I also produce podcasts and advertisements.

session guitarist - Mike Krist

I am a guitarist who writes a bunch of melodies but dont have a band to put them togheter. I left my band because i wanted to produce music, bought the equipment needed and made some guitar samples. I used to play metal, but now i'm more into some ambiental music..

Keyboard Orchestrater - Dayton Barry

Mentored by an audio engineer who works mainly with Atlantic Records, I can add a vast range of realistic instruments to your song. I have access to thousands of libraries used by top producers in the music as well as movie industry. My works have brought me all around the world, and I've been nominated for a Juno award.

Music producer. - Sonicwar Studio

I'm obsessed with details, they make a huge difference so expect a fancy mix!

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - ÆTHERIX Music


Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Small Pond

We're a Recording Studio in the center of the creative hub that is Brighton on the South Coast of England. Our studio is built around a Pro Tools Ultimate rig, and a 1979/80 Neve 8108 console, and loads of lovely gear inlcuding a great range of modern and vintage amps (mostly valve.. we like valves..)

Producer and Engineer - Matthew Erlichman

I am a producer/engineer in Virginia Beach. I have over 10 years of experience producing, recording, mixing, and mastering. I Specialize in full band recordings. My heart in soul is in metal but have mostly hard rock and indie in my portfolio. Credits include Lionsgate, bad boi entertainment, Lamb of God and more.

songwriter, vocalist - demonboy2002

hi i'm brendan! i'm a singer/songwriter from ohio!

Hard rockin' guitarist - Domonic Rini

Have an idea of a song you want but can't think of a powerful riff? I can add some pizazz to your song and give you something that'll stand out and be memorable.

Remote mixing/mastering - Mack16631

Lots of free time on my hands, work will be done fairly quickly but to a high standard.

Mixing & Mastering - RobertsJSound

I specialise in tracking and mixing most genres of Metal, but I also have experience with pop vocals and rap. I am currently building my portfolio so I am accepting work for free but that does not reflect the quality of my work.

I am a professional writer - ChristinaBassett

We provide dissertation writing assistance in The UK. Our team is highly motivated to assist students who have difficulty writing their essays and assignments because of any reason. We have been serving students for many years , with specific goals, high standards as well as work excellence and an outstanding reputation.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Studio Lote 71

Hi, my name is Hugo Ferrão and I’m an enthusiast musician based in Cantanhede, Portugal. I play guitar, bass, scream and sing, and also generate weird loud sounds out of equipment. As a musician composer, I’m involved in Soul of Anubis, a power trio Sludge and Doom Metal influences.

Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting - Arise Recordings

Tired of hearing original songs in your head that you can't seem to bring to fruition? Tired of making flat mixes that don't raise eyebrows? The missing piece is great production. I’m confident with some hard work and creativity, we can bring your ideas to life!

Pop, Rock & Metal Mixing - Jaakko Luomanen

My aim is to bring more life & soul into artists music, and highlight its story. No for dullness - Yes for excitement!

Mixer/Musician/Producer - Shane Brower

Let's bring your ideas from a vision to the speakers! I want to help you make the best possible version of your music! I can mix/edit the songs that you already have recorded, I can help you write music/lyrics/toplines, I can even help you record! I want to be on your team, every step of the way, to get you to where you want to be!

Mixing/Mastering/Session drums - Chris Whited

Recording/Mixing/Mastering engineer and owner at 1776Recordings. I have mixed albums for some of the world's hardest-hitting hardcore, deathcore, and metalcore bands.

Session Drummer - Matte

Matteo Berni: studio/session drummer. Professionality, punctuality, versatility, creativity, at an affordable price. PM gattino106@gmail.com or fb.me/autogoverno, you won't regret it.

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