Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Giancarlo




Mixing & Mastering Engineer

100% five stars reviewed..‼️ My goal is the client satisfaction...❗️ I am a Sound Engineer with 25 years experience. I worked with many artists from America Europe Asia Australia and Africa.

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Singer, Songwriter, and Guitar - JAZZ


Singer, Songwriter, and Guitar

I'm a unique songwriter and Singer that has a special gift of writing songs in 10 minutes after hearing a beat. I can develop and write a hit song in minutes. I've developed 4 to 6 hit songs daily if not busy. I've written over 500 hit songs since 2016 and some are popular all over the world. Hit me up if you need a hit song ASAP.


Remote mixing and mastering. - RipoAudio


Remote mixing and mastering.

Hi, I'm Richard Iturra (known as Ripo), I'm a producer/musician from Chile with more than 10 years of experience. I. I love music and the feelings it can generate. My goal is to use the emotions, dynamics, and message of your song to make it shine. To be as clear as possible, music should make you feel emotions and that’s where I come in.

Songwriter Singer Producer - Tempo




Songwriter Singer Producer

Wassup!! My name is Tempo. Songwriter/Singer.. I've written for artists like Drake, J.Lo, Robin Thicke, T.I, CeeLo & many more. I'm also an ASCAP Television Music Award winning singer so if you need DOPE vocals hit me up. I have a lot of connections with labels and television networks so lets work so we can make some big money moves!

Music Producer - Shadow

St Petersburg

Music Producer

Shadow Talent (ex. Di Weng Beats) - Music Producer. I make music - 7 years.


Record Producer, Mix Engineer - Darren




Record Producer, Mix Engineer

Darren Rust is a 4-time Emmy Award winner, Dove award winner, and Certified Grammy Award winner & has been producing, recording, mixing & mastering for over 30 years!

Songwriter, Producer, Mix, A&R - Jakob




Songwriter, Producer, Mix, A&R

Danish songwriter, producer and mix-engineer based in Stavanger, Norway. Tonmeister by education, songwriter/producer by talent and Head of A&R by position. I'll help write, produce or mix your music. With me you do not only buy my service, but as an A&R I can help connect you further if the music fits my work as a publisher.

A bunch of things  - Panagiotis


A bunch of things

Easy to work with, but not any big projects... yet


Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ahdy


Remote Mixing & Mastering

If you're looking for a modern sound, classic sound, garage sound or even match the sound of your favorite artists, you name it, and I'll deliver.


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