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These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Composer/Producer/Mix&Master - Yuri's

San Francisco


If you need a song or part of a song, just let me know! If you need someone to mix and master a song, just let me know! I am an award-winning producer. Mainly I write songs and do productions for Jazz, R&B, Pop, Rock/Metal, Hip-hop, Fusion, and Instrumental. Sometimes, I also make songs for video games (PC, mobile) since I love to play games!


Beatmaker and Music Producer - Martinz

São Paulo

Beatmaker and Music Producer

Iam Music Producer and Beatmaker for 10 years, and i work with international and national artists. Send me E-Mail: Martinzbeats@gmail.com

Beatmaker, Music Producer - igobyraye


Beatmaker, Music Producer

Composer/Sound Designer for the game Dungeon Munchies. Beatmaker as Yung San.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Producer


Music Producer, Mix Engineer

I am a Music Producer, Engineer, Song Writer, I have been producing music for more than 10 years and songwriting for more than 20 years. I own and operate a music publishing company called CDyvine Muzik Group Publishing LLC. We sell Exclusive Rights and Leasing licenses for beats to artist, record labels, film, and video gaming.

A music creative - Queen


A music creative

Timeless music take time! We are dedicated to creating quality over quantity.

Mixing Engineer - Calvin

Kuala Lumpur

Mixing Engineer

I'll make the song work for you!


Music Producer, Synth Expert - Nicolas


Music Producer, Synth Expert

Music producer and composer, specialized in short film like trailers and video games

Music Composer Producer - VRK


Music Composer Producer

My beats/music are fusion of Eastern n Western Cultures


Beats, Mixing, Master - Anthony


Beats, Mixing, Master

I own and operate a radio station. I hear alot of colors everyday. This is my style of music that I hear in my soul .

Producer Mixer  - Lloyd


Producer Mixer

I have been Producing Mixing and writing music for the best part of 15 years. I have credits with Andreya Triana, M.O, Mabel, Nyomi Gray, Kelli Leigh, Christina Novelli, Markus Schulz and more up and coming projects.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Frances

Melbourne VIC

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Frances approaches all of her projects with artist and clientele-focused production ensuring that the client’s ideas are well-translated and projected with intimate execution throughout.

Mixing Mastering, Songwriting - Diogo

São Paulo

Mixing Mastering, Songwriting

Deep and Atmospheric scoring. Always focusing in story. Dark and Harmony, full and rich sound. Hollow Soul.


Beat Maker - AyeJay


Beat Maker

Hey guys! My name is AyeJay (AJ). I have been making music for the better part of 15 years. I create original music for all commercial projects (samples only used upon request). I mainly focus on hip-hop and r&b but I have the ability to create pretty much any genre! I have worked with artist all over the world and look forward to working with you!

Session keyboardist, Producer - Emiliano

Buenos Aires

Session keyboardist, Producer

Session keyboardist for Tini Stoessel (Violeta) (feat. Luis Fonsi, Sebastian Yatra, Greeicy, Cami, Princesita Karina, Lalo Ebratt), Maia Reffico, Cazzu, Emmanuel Horvilleur, Bahiano (Los Pericos), Colosos, Machi Rufino (ex-Invisible y L.A. Spinetta), Benja Amadeo, Meri Lorenzo, Simona en vivo, P1ck1, Orion XL, Aloras, MIDI,


Keyboards and Music Production - Leonard


Keyboards and Music Production

• Leonard Wolf has worn many hats; music producer, songwriter, composer, music supervisor, audio engineer and sound designer to name a few ...

Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist - Oatee


Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

16 year old, People of Color Conference Soloist (7,000 people), A Capella ensemble member (Encore- look us up on Spotify)


Song Writer, Music Producer, - Willis

New York

Song Writer, Music Producer,

I worked with artist all around the world from Africa to Jamaica to USA 11+ years experience

Professional Musician  - George


Professional Musician

Hello my name is George Molden I am a music producer , singer songwriter and music director I've worked with indie artist as well as professional artist looking forward to working with new people and helping them bring there vision to life need more info shoot me a message http://moldenmusicgroup.wixsite.com/mysite/contact

Music Producer/Beat Maker/ - Derek

New York

Music Producer/Beat Maker/

My name is Derek. I have been into music production and songwriting for over 10+ years. Music production is what I do best and I love it. If you are working on a project I would be happy to work together to make it the best. I am flexible to help meet your needs. Click on the contact button to reach me or if you have any further questions.


Producer, Musician, Engineer - Corben


Producer, Musician, Engineer

Produced music for Cartoon Networks 'Adventure Time'. Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, and Engineer.

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