Heavy Metal Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Musician/Composer - AWMP

Veliko Tarnovo


Guitar, drums player, composer

Music composer - Dragonfly


Music composer

Original musical composition and audio design for game, film, television and other media.

Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering - Andre


Sound Design/Mixing/Mastering

Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering, Based in Kiel, Germany – Your Vision Is My Mission

Sound designer for animation - Nemanja


Sound designer for animation

Immersive sound design to draw your audience in! Sound effects, foley and music all carefully mixed in your animation to give it 'soul'. Contact me with details and I'll be glad to discuss! Cheers

null - Liam


Liam O'Connor is a freelance audio engineer working from his own studio located in Limerick, Ireland. He has been working as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer since 2010 while studying a degree in Music Technology and Production. In 2013 he graduated with distinction and continues to provide professional quality audio services.

Composing, Mixing & Mastering - Alwyn


Composing, Mixing & Mastering

I will work with you to compose and produce the music that YOU want to put out. I am happy when my client is happy!

Music production  - Dan


Music production

Full production, mixing, mastering and session recording (guitar, bass, keys). Song and album production - anything from simple singer/songwriter guitar/key arrangements up to full-band arrangements. Songwriting collaboration, track editing, music consultation services too. Over 10 years of recording, performing and engineering!


Orchestra production - Federico


Orchestra production

Hi ! I am Fede, I am an orchestrator from the band Cremisi, symphonic epic metal. I love to compose music and orchestras, so I will be happy if you'll work with me: if you are looking for video game music, trailer or movie soundtracks, or simply orchestras for your music, then you found the right guy, at lower price!


Session guitarist/bassist, mix - Current


Session guitarist/bassist, mix

Multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and producer, solo artist and composer with 3 solo albums, and 2 band albums released.

Keyboard Orchestrater - Dayton


Keyboard Orchestrater

Mentored by an audio engineer who works mainly with Atlantic Records, I can add a vast range of realistic instruments to your song. I have access to thousands of libraries used by top producers in the music as well as movie industry. My works have brought me all around the world, and I've been nominated for a Juno award.


Sound Designer, Music Composer - Titan


Sound Designer, Music Composer

Experts in maximizing the emotional connection with sound and music. Mixing and Mastering, Sound design and music composing. We create audio experiences for Video Games, Film, TV, Radio and Animations

Producer & Sound Designer - Alberto


Producer & Sound Designer

Italian music producer and sound designer based in Dublin. I take the production from start (recording, session musician, production) to the end (mixing, mastering).


Remote mixing and mastering - MORGAN


Remote mixing and mastering

I will adapt to your project. I'm patient, open-minded, and detail-oriented so you can count on me to customize or change things up in order to make a quality and affordable finished product. I have experience in working with clients around the world and local bands in Boise ID. My specialty is heavy and ambient music.

Guitarist / Mixing / Mastering - ABentley


Guitarist / Mixing / Mastering

My name is Adam Bentley and I'm a freelance mix engineer, producer, and session guitarist. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2016 studying Music Production & Engineering with a focus on mixing. I have been mixing professionally for going on 5 years now. I am also the guitarist in a progressive metal band called Arch Echo.

Songwriter, Producer - Adrien


Songwriter, Producer

Songwriter and Music Producer for various modern metal genres, video game and movie soundtracks.

Guitars, keyboards, FX, vocals - Michal


Guitars, keyboards, FX, vocals

Metal guitars and electronic ideas for all genres Riff ideas, song ideas, song background and stuff


Sound Designer  - WatsonSound


Sound Designer

As a sound designer, it is my job to give your world sound.


Recoding Mixing Engineer - Naruki


Recoding Mixing Engineer

I am a Japanese recording, mixing engineer. I have been working as a sound engineer since 2012 in Japan. I was working at a studio in Japan, and I have created mainly by Advertisement music with Japanese companies. Of course, I also recorded by many bands music and incidental music with regarding TV or Cinema.


Post-Production Sound - LE

Robina QLD 4226

Post-Production Sound

Essentially L.E Productions Record, Mix, Sound Design and provide Post-Production for screen media & video games. We are Professional, Versatile, Trustworthy, Dependable, Flexible & Have an eye and ear for detail.

Mixing and Mastering - Modern


Mixing and Mastering

I will Mix and Master your songs to sound from calm and beautiful to massive.

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