Electric Pop Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Mix/Master, Session musician - Rocco

New York

Mix/Master, Session musician

Touring/session musician with Gin Wigmore, Jessie James Decker, Reign of Kindo, Ginuwine, Cody Simpson.

Composer & Music Producer - Chris


Composer & Music Producer

Creating sounds is my craft, mixing them with words is my passion, but creating emotions is my mission


Product electronic album - Adel


Product electronic album



Cello, Music Producer - Nubia


Cello, Music Producer

Japanese Game & Anime Music Maker


Music Producer / Songwriter - Aidan


Music Producer / Songwriter

Your music needs strong character to stand out from the crowd. I love to turn something good into something special - I want the hairs to stand up on the back of your neck when you hear your track back! I have many years experience of production, mixing, writing and collaboration that I can bring to the party.

Music Producer and Composer - Eugene


Music Producer and Composer

Producing tracks tailored to your visions and beyond. Electronic/synthwave/darkpop. Enjoy mixing styles. Combining guitars with orchestrations or synths with traditional instruments - all cool. Guitarist and always in search of a perfect guitar sound, experimenting with fx. Love to keep in touch with Artists during all production stages!

Music Producer,  - Frank


Music Producer,

Producer and Writer of The Real McCoy and Maxx. The Real McCoy had countless Top 5 Hits in the USA, UK, Japan and Europe and sold more than 8 million records worldwide. Furthermore Quickmix was honoured by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) for the Song Another Night, which stayed 50 weeks the US Billboard Chartsl

Mixing and Music Production - David

Los Angeles

Mixing and Music Production

Traveled the world for 11 years mixing artists like Marina and the Diamonds, Blood Orange, Tove Lo, Sofitukker, Nelly Furtado, Cut Copt, Washed Out and many more


Creative music Producer  - Roni


Creative music Producer

BA (Hons) creative music graduate aiming to achieve the desired sound output for your music and also for multimedia projects at a professional standard.


Music Producer  - ihateMub

Al Khobar Saudi Arabia

Music Producer

I'm Music producer/composer based in khobar- Saudi Arabia I produce, engineer, and mix I make sure that the tracks I produce are 100% original and stand out from the other i my goal is to take your music to the next level


Remote Mix / Master / Prod. - Roman


Remote Mix / Master / Prod.

- Broad musical culture, artistic approach, thrives for excellence. - I make an oath in making your sound uniquely peculiar and stand out. - I mostly mix in the box and remain in the digital domain. - Large collection of plug-ins to shape any type of sound. - I am open to any unique projects and fairly flexible, contact me and let's talk about it!


Session Musician/Composer Keys - Rein


Session Musician/Composer Keys

Easy to work with and definitely up for recording synths/piano and compose music for games and film.


Producer, Mix & Vocal engineer - Andras


Producer, Mix & Vocal engineer

I'm a producer, mix engineer, vocal engineer who worked with Taio Cruz, Kelly Rowland, Kat Deluna (produced half of her 'inside out' album incl 1 billboard dance nr 1) and many more. Besides that I have my own music project called Promis3 and another project called LIMITS under which I've had releases on Spinnin', Different recordings, Sony, etc.

♫ MASTER+MIXING ♫ both for $25 - Oller


♫ MASTER+MIXING ♫ both for $25

Unlimited Free revisions. 20% off/two songs. I work with most genres. My music has +2 million streams. Award-winning filmmaker, music for Film/Video Games. Full Ghost Production. Mix & Master ready for delivery to Spotify. I offer unlimited FREE revisions. I'll make changes until you're happy!

Music Producer, Singing - Alex


Music Producer, Singing

Alex Amarelo is a new rising singer/producer in Portugal, in only 2 years (from 2019 to 2020) he won a multi-talent contest as a producer. The contest was made by a record-label in which he refused the contract because on his words "they wanted all the rights to them, the artist wins nothing". The contest started on Facebook and finished on Insta.

Full Time Music Producer - Creadventures


Full Time Music Producer

I've been featured in numerous Spotify playlist for my work for example New music Friday Belgium, Shuffle Syndrome, Martin Garrix Playlist, Lost Frequencies playlist etc. and my work is used in different commercials in Belgium.

Music Producer - Aman

New Delhi

Music Producer

Creative solutions to all kinds of sound needs. Quick delivery, professional, unique product. Great at interpreting briefs for best collaborative results. All kinds of genres welcome! Music production, arrangement. Sound Design/SFX. Background Music. Mixing and Mastering engineer. .

Music Producer & Composer - Lex


Music Producer & Composer

If you need great music, if no one else can help, maybe you can hire Lex Mars

Vocal producer and mixmaster  - Juha


Vocal producer and mixmaster

Audio wizard of Helsinki Finland, producing synthwave, nu-disco, future funk and many other styles. I also write songs to other people, do mastering and mixing + do vocals for songs. Hit me up if you want you songs to sound amazing, need an epic male vocal to your song or want a producer to get that ultra crisp sound for your song.

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