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Music Producer

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Producer, Singer, Violinist, Vocal Engineer!

I produce in Logic, and generally like to work mainly with synths in my music, which I then combine with live violin instrumentations that I play and record myself. Aside from this I have also produced more acoustic songs that are more piano based. I enjoy writing and creating within all genres, and I tend to go in phases as to which musical styles I'm feeling ay any one time. I am currently enjoying Dance music and synth-pop, and I'm using a lot of bass in my most recent work.

Alongside this I have been a singer since I was 9 years old, and have been classically trained with a distinction at Grade 8. I have a flexible voice and can sing in many different styles, as you can hear if you listen to my music.

I also work as a vocal editor for other producers and sound engineers. I am proficient in vocal comping, tuning and quantisation, and as I have perfect pitch can do this quite quickly.

I have been producing for two years now, and have been singing and playing music since I was five years old. I'm classically trained in music theory and music composition, and have perfect pitch.

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I can be very flexible with how things work, and like to treat things on a person-by-person basis depending on what is required.

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