Soul/Pop/EDM singer/songwriter - Juliet


Soul/Pop/EDM singer/songwriter

I can provide my vocals with lead, harmonies and ad libs for your projects and will deliver vocal stems in good time ready for you to use. Check out my vocal demo reel to hear samples of my work.

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Producer, singer, mix/master - paintingthesun


Producer, singer, mix/master

Hi, I'm a 19 year old, self-taught producer, song-writer, singer and pianist. One of my tracks has over 2,500 listens on SoundCloud :) email me at


Recording and Mixing Studio - BCB


Recording and Mixing Studio

Are you a singer/songwriter, indie rock, or acoustic artist mixing your own recordings but just can't get them to sound right? I can help!


Producer, Mix Engineer, Keys - Dynolux


Producer, Mix Engineer, Keys

A unique hybrid of styles, with over 300 television shows to my credit and Millions of artist streams I hope to bring creativity and uniqueness to your sound! My sounds, beats, orchestrations and productions are hand crafted to and unique, and will bring a wow factor to your music!

Production, Mixing, Mastering, - Rahul


Production, Mixing, Mastering,

Bangalore based producer, electronic musician with over 10 years of experience in mixing, mastering, producing, sound design and scoring.

Afrobeat Songwriter  - Dare


Afrobeat Songwriter

Award nominated Afropop singer and songwriter. Music creator and branding expert.


Singer - Topliner -Vocal coach - Victoria

New Jersey

Singer - Topliner -Vocal coach

Looking to top line with inspiring producers and create songs for emerging artists. I long to continue to create a genuine and honest piece of artwork with you.


Audio Engineer - Shamette


Audio Engineer

With out music, life would be Bb.


Ghostwriter, Music Producer,  - A.Martin

Los Angeles

Ghostwriter, Music Producer,

I started 15 years ago on the amazing journey of Producing and Song Writing; working with all types of musicians and songwriters to create a sound so unique and different that people can't stop but vibe to it.


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