Mixing and Masteeing Engineer - Angel


Mixing and Masteeing Engineer

Talented mixing and mastering engineer. My services are FREE for now, just pitch in your request. That is my introductory price.

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Soprano vocalist/composer.  - Val




Soprano vocalist/composer.

Soprano vocalist. - I have experience in heavy metal/rock, classical, acoustic, celtic music, composing and recording vocals and lyrics. - I was on a symphonic metal band for 8 years. We recordered two albums in our studio. - I sing in spanish, english and Italian. - I work with a male partner (grunt voices, studio musician, composer)

Mix, Recording, Vocals - DoctorCosmos


Mix, Recording, Vocals

I'm a producer/engineer working out of Richmond, CA in a blossoming project studio. We can get you a nice sounding track with fantastic vocals. I tend to lean towards mixes with more dynamic range and love mixing the avant garde.

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - Sidechain

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing and Mastering

I bring clean mixes and extreme attention for detail to your songs. I care not only about the quality of the final mix and master but how it makes the listener feel.

Singer/Songwriter - Geraldina



I love making a masterpiece solo or in team. I am always open to create beauty. Music is life and life is music.


Musician/Engineer/Producer - Victor

Los Angeles


Well what can be said xcepet that i uh well yeah, i am a musician first, im a guitarist, bassist, and pianist. I am also mix engineer/producer, so there's that. I've been at the music game, for a bit now, always looking to work on something interesting, looking for the new challenge, and looking to expand on my work. Enjoy working with passionate a


Producer - Nambo





Hello, my name is Nambo and I'm Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Songwriter. I Produce Pop and Electronic music and anything with a soul! I love challenges! Tell me about your project I would love to help. https://soundcloud.com/user-666358020

vocalist, lyricist, songwriter - Alex


vocalist, lyricist, songwriter

Wide range in terms of both styles and octaves; bilingual vocalist (English and Spanish) singing since preschool. Experienced in vocal harmonies or writing original lyrics, melodies, and concepts. Experienced in singing with a band (blues/reggae/folk) and laying vocals onto R&B instrumentals. Rhythm guitar/keys player, and able to record & mix vox

Vocalist, Producer, Pianist - James


Vocalist, Producer, Pianist

UK based Artist/Songwriter/Producer/Instrumentalist with over 15 Million Streams on Spotify. Worked with the best writers and producers from all over Europe for over 5 years releasing songs on Major Labels and Publishers around the world. Session Pianist offering efficient modern sounding piano parts.

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