Folk / Acoustic Cello

These acclaimed cellists have written, recorded, and performed on soundtracks and hit songs. Find your ideal session cello player today.

Cellist | Strings - Rachel

New York

Cellist | Strings

Broadway & indie musician 15+ years of playing & writing. Can work with or w/o charts to deliver the best strings sound for your song. I focus on vibe, intonation, timing, and energy to bring your vision to life and amplify your music.

Session Cellist - Raúl


Session Cellist

I am a professional cellist who likes to play all kind of genres and has a special interest in folk music and metal. I play a german Petrus Schulz cello from 1870, which has been really well appreciated in all my jobs and it's perfect for a good quality recording.


Creative Session Cellist - Polly

United Kingdom

Creative Session Cellist

I am a professional cellist with a passion for creativity and collaboration. I've worked with bands including Everything Everything, Slow Readers Club, Palace, Island, Cherry Ghost... I can improvise and write my own unique cello parts for your music, or read from pre-written scores, depending on your project.

Cellist, Pianist & composer  - Mariano


Cellist, Pianist & composer

I can record your melodies, compose original music and arrange with a good sound.

Record Professional Cello  - Steven


Record Professional Cello

If you need someone with professional-level technique and award-winning chops for a modern sound, then I'm your cellist! I combine years of focused classical study on the cello with my experience as an electric guitarist and modern cellist to deliver stellar sounding results at an affordable price.

 Cello / Female Vocals - Evelyn


Cello / Female Vocals

Hi, I'm Evelyn and I can build you a stringed orchestra or choir for your track! My range as a singer means I can cover choral parts from tenor to mezzo soprano and as a cellist I often get hired to cover all parts of a string ensemble. Whether your track needs a commercial or classical sounding part, I'm your girl!

Songwriter - David



You tell me the story, and I'll write the song.


strings • solo to ensemble - Matt


strings • solo to ensemble

One stop shop for string arrangements and/or fiddle parts. I do all of the arrangement and string recording for Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound recordings including Ceelo Green and Yola. I also arranged and performed strings on Cage The Elephant's Grammy winning "Social Cues". Produced and played fiddle on "The John Hartford Fiddle Tune Project."

Session Vocalist and Cellist - Julia

Orange County

Session Vocalist and Cellist

I sing, topline, write lyrics, add harmonies. I can create solo cello melodies, arrange and layer to make it sound like a full string ensemble, whatever you need. I can improvise, play your ideas, and record from my home studio and send it back to you or your producer in a quick turn around time.

Session Strings and Vocals - Marion


Session Strings and Vocals

I arrange, perform and record bowed strings - from solo violin line to full string orchestra - and lead/backing vocals in my studio here in Stratford upon Avon. I'm equally happy reading from a score or improvising/developing a full string section for your track in collaboration with you. Classically trained in violin, viola and 'cello.

Singer/musician/songwriter - Mary

United Kingdom


Recording artist, songwriter and classically trained musician


Viola/Violin, Strings arranger - Noam


Viola/Violin, Strings arranger

Recorded and toured around the world with Avishai Cohen, Idan Raichel's project and Jviews (arranged and orchestrated music for live shows), to name a few. Accompanied and arranged music for reknown Israeli artists. Rich experienced. Known Thanks to his great sensitivity, deep, warm sound as a composer, singer, session player and arranger.

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