Chill Acoustic Guitar

These pro session acoustic guitarists are ready to strum, pluck, and fingerpick on your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Session Guitarist, Vocals - jxss


Session Guitarist, Vocals

I mean, you might like me, so there's that?

Session Guitarist, Producer  - Matt

New York

Session Guitarist, Producer

NYC based Guitarist/Producer for over a decade. I work in my studio where I track and produce with my 20+ guitars, world instruments as well as pianos, synths, soundscapes and orchestral elements for clients ranging from pop artists and singer-songwriters to ads, film and tv. I record through a world-class collection of microphones and gear.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Kostas


Session Guitarist, Producer

I'm a 23yo musician/producer from Athens, Greece. I've been playing guitar for over 10 years. I'm well versed in many genres, mainly blues, jazz, soul, funk, rock and pop. I have worked on two albums, dozens of gigs and collaborations with other artists. I own and operate a well-equipped home studio, and have a vast collection of guitars, amps and

Session Guitarist, Songwritter - Leandro

Buenos Aires

Session Guitarist, Songwritter

I may not have a voice, but I have six strings


Session guitarist, Composer - Barry

Los Angeles

Session guitarist, Composer

Music has been my life for over 50 years and playing, composing, & sound design are my specialties.

Session Guitarist, Beat Maker - Vander


Session Guitarist, Beat Maker

I have been a music instructor for 10 years and make riff recordings for your biggest new hit, or do the hottest beat for your vocals.


Producer, Guitarist - Christophe


Producer, Guitarist

Established lounge , Chill & world fusion artist producer with millions of Cds sold in the genre, looking to help younger artist to develop their style & sound

Session Pianist/ Guitarist - JacobChan5851


Session Pianist/ Guitarist

I've been playing piano for almost 10 years and guitar for a year. I'm looking forward to collaborate with you all. Low Price, High Quality.


Session Guitarist, Producer - Thomas

14000 Caen

Session Guitarist, Producer

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Music, Producer


Ambient New Age Music Producer - Bryan


Ambient New Age Music Producer

Billboard Charting New Age Artist


Music Producer - Rohit


Music Producer

If you're in search of a unique sound that blends elements of ethnic world music with modern production, bringing together the best of electronic and acoustic sounds, get in touch. My music is a melting pot of deep and emotionally charged soundscapes, lush, ambient textures, inspiring melodies infused with new-age grooves.


Chill/Lo-Fi Beat Maker - Seeweed


Chill/Lo-Fi Beat Maker

The difference between Seeweed and a classic lofi producer? Seeweed comes from a band background as a guitar player and has the possibility to record the instruments for his songs himself.


Producer, composer - CFEQ


Producer, composer

Do what you love, love what you do.


Singer - Savera



Want me to sing for your song? I've got over 8 years of experience in both. I've composed and sung for over 100 TV Ads for brands like H&M, Nissan, Taj Palaces, Microsoft, American Express etc. Let's make some music together!


Producer/Session Player/Mixer - davemakesnoises

Los Angeles

Producer/Session Player/Mixer

The tone is in your touch. This has been my guiding principle as a player and producer since day one. Specializing in bringing mojo, sauce, and depth to your track, my 17 years of sonic obsession, dedication and debt are definitive of my work. If asked to describe what i do across all genres i have done in one word, it would be "QuietLOUD"

"music producer" - Nirvik


"music producer"

I can make a variety of different music styles and genres . So hit me up and lets make a banger.

Mixing, Sesson Bassist, - Rich


Mixing, Sesson Bassist,

Dreamy, tasty, floaty, groovy, whatever ya' need partner.


Piano, Composition - carsaun

United States

Piano, Composition

Who is carsaun? Heh... well at least you are asking the right questions.


Music producer, Guitarist - Cristian

Los Angeles

Music producer, Guitarist

Making your music sound clean and beautiful. I put a lot of time and care into whatever I am working on and will treat your projects the same. Attending ICON Collective production school where creativity and production are taken seriously.


Songwriting + Producing - Dylan


Songwriting + Producing

1.5m plays on Spotify. Indie. Pop. Top 40. Americana. Singer-Songwriter. Electronic. As a brand new SoundBetter Member, I am offering unlimited songwriting edits to get it 100% your way, and make it incredible.

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