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1 Track needs Mastering
One 7-minute track requires mastering. I need it done cheaply and quickly and with good contact/response times - I don't want to be chasing ov...
Julius J.
Julius J.
need 10 songs mastered
Hi, I have 10 songs (1 album) finished and they're waiting for mastering now. RnB songs, recorded in Pro Tools. Every song has a length of ...
James D.
James D.
Deployment Video Track
I'm looking for someone to mix 6 techno/trap songs together for a US Navy F-18 fighter squadron deployment video. I don't want a lot of club s...
Ricco M.
Ricco. I need 4 tracks mastered.
I need four songs to be mastered for my gospel music album. I am in search for the best mastering engineer. Of these 4 songs one will be selec...
Mela M.
Mela M.
Los Angeles
1 song mixed
Im looking hire a master in mixing and audio engineer for my project, but i would like to see how one song will work out
Emmanuel c.
Need one song mixed hip hop
Looking for great hip hop mixing engineer, all parts are recorded already the song need mixing and mastering. I'm looking for a engineer I can...
Looking to produce a song
I'm looking for a producer to create a track for me. The song is written, and I am looking for someone who can produce a full backing track in...
Austyn N.
Austyn N.
need 4 sings tracked and mixed
I have 4 songs tracked and mixed. The genre is punk/pop punk. Influenced by blink-182 and such, but a lot of my own taste.
Antonio B.
Antonio B.
Route 66/Bezzy
I need 6-7 tracks mixed. I have recorded them and I am happy with the takes and references
Austin K.
I want the lyrics to sound like Austin Mahone's Style
I need you to write a pop song Austin Mahone. And as catchy as possible.Thanks!!!
Cornelious B.
Cornelious B.
3 songs mixed
Need three songs mixed
Joseph C.
Joseph C.
Need female vocalist for parody song duet
Comedy writer seeking a female singer to work on comedy duet song. Original and timely humor, many of my projects have went viral on internet.
Taurean W.
Need 12 songs recorded, mixed, and mastered
I'm looking to record a urban mixtape with someone professional, open-minded, and very creative. Things I like are filters on the vocals and d...
Rodrigo Louraço
Rodrigo Louraço
Rodrigo Louraço
I Need a producer to halp me produce my solo album!!
Blake N.
12 Song album master.
Hello, I'm looking for someone to master my 12 song hip-hop album. I recorded and mixed it myself, but I want to send it to you as three se...

Recent Successes

I am very demanding of myself, I like a very well done, it takes a lot of discipline against me but also against peop...Completed by: Mike Makowski

Robert L. Smith is a true professional! Very helpful and got my tracks sounding their absolute best! Highly recommend...Completed by: Robert L. Smith

I enjoyed working with FraMusic. He takes the project very seriously as if it was his own song. Nothing better than w...Completed by: FraMusic Productions

I've worked with several mix engineers but Sefi really stands out from the crowd and... will make your music better too!Completed by: Sefi Carmel

Reliable and "all in time making" person. Strongly recommend - Mix Master Mike.Completed by: Mike Makowski

Robin is a highly gifted and professional mix engineer. He has a great ability to identify the strengths of each song...Completed by: Robin Ball

François Michaud from Wild Horse Studio marvelously found the perfect sound for our music! Although our production ha...Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud

A great musician!! %100 recommended!! :DCompleted by: High Point Audio

Working with Sefi is a pleasure! I love the enthusiasm with which he performs his job and the exceptional skills that...Completed by: Sefi Carmel

Really enjoyed working with Ollie! Readily available and very reliable in delivering what you need!Completed by: Ollie Girvan Sound

Thank you Denis.The tracks sound excellent.Looking forward to work on more projects.Completed by: Denis Emery @ Mastering.LT

Tyler did a phenomenal job demoing the songs I sent him. Very professional, punctual, and easy to work with! Completed by: Tyler Shamy