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James M.

Need one song mixed

I need one song mixed. I'm happy with the recorded tracks. The genre is electronic in the style of Odesza. Here is the rough mixed track

Lauren A.
Lauren A.

I need 1 song mixed

I need 1 song mixed. I am basically done with the song, I would like to publish the song as an EP on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. which m...

Eliot L.
Eliot L.

I need lyrics for one song

I had written a song on the piano that I really liked. I have it recorded and saved and want to write lyrics for it. Unfortunately I don't hav...


We need an arrangement.

Hi! We need and arrangement for our original song in Earth, Wind and fire style. With brass and etc.

Louai S.
Louai S.

Need 1 Short Hip Hop Song Mix/Mastered

I need this one song mix and mastered. It is a hip hop song that consists of one hook, and two verses. I want the song to sound inspiring, and...

Ashley W.

1 song mixed and mastered

I have a song recorded and there is a pretty good mix on it, I just need a light mix to level everything out, and also a master. I have all of...

Saulo A.
Saulo A.

Need vocal for one song

Hi! I am a brazilian EDM producer and I´ve been working on some new projects. I´ve got one song without vocals yet ( the song is not even clos...


mix and maser

I'm recording at home on logic pro x and i wanna send to you for a mix and master.. thnx


Songs written and produced

Looking to start a new adventure now I have the confidence to perform live, in front of audiences. My passion is r&b. I love old school songs ...

Eleron Beats
Eleron Beats

I need a professional commercial mix for an upcomming new talent.

Hello. I need a mixing engineer to mix a song (probably more than one later) for an upcomming new talent. The mix should be professional co...


2 Gospel Piano Tracks.

I need someone to record a piano track for two gospel songs I've written and composed. Would love to hear from you if you know how to play gos...

Conor O.
Conor O.

Vocals for 1 song - Hold on we're going home (Drake)

I need you to record vocals for the song "Drake - Hold on we're going home" - Pia Mia (cover). This cover has the exact same lyrics as the ...

Kenneth W.
Kenneth W.

Recording/mixing and mastering of an album

Im self producing all my beats and what not, but i need someone to mix and master my vocals. Im doing an album of 17-20 songs and im really de...


Need to Master my 8 tracks Album

Hi Guys, I finished my album with Producer Brian Forbes last year in NYC and now I'm in LA for meetings, gigs etc. I have released two of m...


i need one song mixed

I have collaboration with a producer on a song I wrote. I need a professional to the final mix.

Recent Successes
  • Love working with Paul!

    Job Completed by: Paul Wierdak
  • You can tell Darren is passionate about his work, he puts everything he's got into what you ask of him. I couldn't as...

    Job Completed by: Darren
  • Outstanding talent! Kristal nails it every time. A lot of people throw around the term 'industry standard' but this i...

    Job Completed by: Grammy Nominated Songwriter
  • My absolute FAVOURITE provider on the website. Finished my second project with Daniel. Love his enthusiasm, professio...

    Job Completed by: Thomas Daniel
  • Amazing songwriter has a great hip hop ear for beats and songwriting hope I work with him again!

    Job Completed by: TONYB.
  • Great artist to work with!! Easy to work with and open to changes! Would definitely recommend!

    Job Completed by: Mariami
  • Gosteffects reached out to me with a good offer and delivered on it very timely! Highly Recommended!

    Job Completed by: Gosteffects
  • I am a repeat collaborator with Brandon because he is so skilled with vocals, songwriting, and music. With his help a...

    Job Completed by: Brandon Chase
  • Always excellent work!

    Job Completed by: Giancarlo Roberti
  • I have a lot of fun working with Diego, he is a great bassist with good ideas and wants to help you get the right bas...

    Job Completed by: Diego Quarantotto
  • Nice and pro!

    Job Completed by: Wild Horse Studio / François Michaud
  • Robert did a fantastic job on my track. He captured the sound and "feel" I wanted perfectly. He is extremely talented...

    Job Completed by: Robert Syvret