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Mixing and mastering a song

I’ve recorded a song and I need it mixed and mastered.


I need 2 songs to be recorded

My name is Mandisa. I would like to record my hit songs from scratch. I want them to be mastered. Type of music I do are like those of Ami ...

Patric S.
Patric S.

Need 1 song mixed and mastered

Need this electronic indie song mixed and mastered.

Christa S.
Christa S.

Need music for lyrics

Hi there, I am looking to work on an EP in the near future. I have several songs and lyrics but need help with the instrumental side, I play...

Lily M.
Lily M.

1 song mixed and mastered

Hi! I’m a home artist and have completed the writing and producing on a track that I have TRIED mixing on my own. I figured having another ear...

Fabio S.
Fabio S.

Songwriter and Female Singer

I have a very interesting project to develop. A beautiful instrumental music (EDM/Progressive House) need the right voice to finish it. We are...


Need 3 produced

I’m looking for a producer to work on about 3 songs, hip hop genre, it’s a trap music type layout. I already have vocals done as well.


I need 8 songs (A project) Mixed and Mastered

I am looking for someone who will cohesively mix and master the entire 8 track project. Each Song has 8 - 12 tracks each - VERSE: main vocals/...

Ariana D.
Ariana D.

I need 1 song produced

I've recorded a demo track of what it should kind of sound like. I'm going in between the style of "bags" by Clairo and "Your Dog" by Soccer M...

Adeel M.
Adeel M.

Need song composition and production

I have written lyrics and need someone to compose music and produce it for a rap song. I have a feel and tempo/beat in mind - in fact, there's...

David M.
David M.

Need 1 song mixed

We brand ourselves as the world's most diverse boyband, Y.A.G.A. We are a hip hop group based out of Houston, TX. We have attempted to mix and...

Andy Larkyn
Andy Larkyn

Rapper for high energetic EDM buildup vocal lines

Looking for an experienced rapper who is able creating high energetic/emotional EDM buildup vocal punchlines. Enclosed a demo with a refere...


Need Vocal for 1 Progressive house / Big room track

Hello, l have a progressive house instrumental for which I am looking for a songwriter singer to sing top-line ,chorus and harmonies. I...

Jackson M.
Jackson M.

3 pieces to finish off

I have three pieces of music that have already been mixed. However I realised post-mix that I want to take the music in a slightly different ...

Eric R.
Eric R.

Need Male or Female songwriters/vocalists/rappers for short track projects

Hello, My name is Eric and I am a cheerleading music producer. I am currently in search for songwriters/vocalist/rappers for some short 30 ...

Recent Successes
  • Great communication! Love the work he did and mostly the fastest delivery!

    Job Completed by: Camilo Silva F Mastering
  • This has been my second time working with Brianna! She’s a geniuses and it’s an absolute pleasure creating with her. ...

    Job Completed by: Brianna Tam
  • Fire Mix! Definitely my only engineer from now on. Very professional.

    Job Completed by: Tyree Thomas
  • fantásticos arreglos como siempre, ha sabido encontrar el equilibrio y detalles que necesitaba mi música;-)

    Job Completed by: deckos.
  • Nothing less than amazing!

    Job Completed by: Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore
  • Passing off your song to anyone can be a little scary, because you've invested so much time and energy and passion in...

    Job Completed by: Andres Mayo
  • Enjoyed working with Tyler. Super talented

    Job Completed by: Tyler Royale
  • Absolutely perfect! Mei's voice is so beautiful, and this whole collaboration was super quick and easy. Mei added so ...

    Job Completed by: Mei
  • It has been a pleasure to work with Charles. We were all blown away with the depth and textures that his cello tracks...

    Job Completed by: Charles Gosme
  • Kurt is so talented ... very polite and professional and CREATIVE. He is open to feedback and also easily translates...

    Job Completed by: Kurt Thum
  • Fast turn around and great tone that fit right into my song . Quality recorded and well played tracks . i look forwa...

    Job Completed by: Jelmer de Haan
  • Wow I could not have asked for better than this the most beautiful voice I have heard to work with it is a dream soon...

    Job Completed by: Sara Sangfelt