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Charlene B.

Needing beats produced for lyrics

I live in South Africa and I have written lyrics that I am need to add a beat to. At the moment I dont really have a exact style in mind but ...


Need one song remixed to have a drop / intrigue

Nice to meet you! I have a one minute song that works as an intro to my new album. My genre is classical electronica fusion, where I blend fi...

Alex M.
Alex M.

BBC Radio 2 Single Remix - ALex McEwan

Nice to meet you. My name is Alex Myself and my production partner are remixing the attached song for Radio 2, where we are getting posit...

Fred G.
Fred G.

Drums for song

Hello folks need drums for the following track. It's a rough production as I'm waiting on the drums to finish the mix. I have an example dru...

Travis H.
Travis H.

Seeking a Female Vocalist for Backing Harmonies in Chorus

I am currently recording a song and I'm seeking a female vocalist for light backing harmonies for the chorus of my song. I'm flexible for the ...

Eric C.
Eric C.

Need Prince "Kiss" like vocal

Looking for male or female singer for an energetic vocal that sounds similar to "Kiss" by Prince. Needs a LOT of "Style." If a guy it woul...

brad h.
brad h.

Need 1 song mixed and mastered

Need 1 song mixed and mastered. Need quality to match with a few other records that were previously mixed and mastered elsewhere.I will provid...

Lucio A.

One Song (Mastering)

I need to do a mastering for my new single of about 4 minutes. The musical genre is Synth/Pop style. I would like to publish on the main onl...

Austin G.

Need song produced

I have 1 song recorded and cleaned up, it is only vocals and acoustic guitar, there are only a handful of tracks on it. I don't really know wh...

Samia T.

Looking for a rapper or singer with a Fatman Scoop kind of voice to add shouts on a song

Hi, I'm looking for a rapper or singer with a Fatman Scoop kind of voice to add shouts on a song. It will just be two or three exclamations, (...


mixing a track!

we'd be interested in mixing a single. there are about 40 tracks and it's in a french alternative rock style! we call it new rock! we don't k...

Astar N.
Astar N.

Need 10 songs mixed

Hi i have 10 songs that i would like to rerecord with professional mucisian , Note i would like to work with Producer who like bands suck as K...

Pablo N.

I need 1 full spanish songs to create from scratch.

I would need a song similar to some others from a UK artist called Venbee but in Spanish. I would like to know if you guys could help even wit...

Avian h.

vocal mixing

I'm looking to record a few cover songs for some social media content. I can record my own vocals on logic but I am horrible with mixing and g...

ann k.

Few songs in the backlog...transitioning from band to solo

I have some demos I'd like to finish as an EP, I'm in a tricky spot where a lot of my releases were done with a full band though the songs and...

Recent Successes
  • Matt is a great sax player, super pro and nice to work with! Highly recommended :)

    Job Completed by: Matt Lappin
  • Johannes is a masterful producer. Very few have a command over music quite like him. Excited to work together again i...

    Job Completed by: Johannes
  • Ryan delivered fast, has a great tone and played every part perfectly! I'm very happy with this.

    Job Completed by: Ryan Svendsen
  • Great producer!

    Job Completed by: ALOU Productions
  • Undy recorded amazing vocals, better than I could have hoped for. Great communication, followed instructions clearly,...

    Job Completed by: undy
  • Nailed everything about this project!

    Job Completed by: Noah L.
  • Amazing job from Ivan again! That's why he is my go to for all my projects

    Job Completed by: Ivan Berger
  • George is a top pro in every sense of the word. This was my second time working with him and his vocals and musical i...

    Job Completed by: George Gleeson ✪
  • Daniel is an incredible guitarist, provided exactly what I needed for my track in quick time, with great communicatio...

    Job Completed by: Daniel "sshhibuea"
  • 10/10, delivered absolute top quality work. An amazing singer who is super talented and very easy to work with, I can...

    Job Completed by: Ylusive
  • Always so cooperative and willing to help where I need it. Thanks again for helping me find my sound!

    Job Completed by: Coponat Records
  • I love working with Denny; he always delivers on the vocals. I cant wait to put out these songs out and work with him...

    Job Completed by: Denny White