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Ofer K.
Ofer K.


i need vocals for my song. the song is produced by me and im looking for a great rapper for this one i have a melody for you to rap on. if y...

יוספי מ.
יוספי מ.

I need a vocal for one song

My name is Yossefi,and I am EDM producer I need a vocal for one song in genre future house currently The instrumental without mixing and m...

Kendall W.
Kendall W.

need 1 song produced

My name is Kendall! I’ve been really getting into songwriting recently, I’ve written a bunch of songs that I am super proud of, but I have no ...


Hi, I need one instrumental song to be mixed and mastered.

I was hoping that I could get one song mixed and mastered. It is an instrumental metal song. I am looking to put something out there in ...

Tshepang N.

Just checking how quick you mix and master

I am a producer who makes beats for other artists and I want to give them a mixed and mastered song after they have recorded on the beat. I wo...

Rishu C.


I need a song master. I have mixed the song. please listen to the unmastered and let me know if its good to go. i need a pop loud master with ...


Need 1 song produced

I need someone who can produce a 80s style track and help me write a ballad for said track. I am aiming for a happy-sad love song. Inspired by...

Bita S.

producing podcast series

We are finishing a series of audio recordings and would like a professional to produce it into a series of podcasts for streaming. Editing, mu...

Isaac G.

Mastering rates

I’m doing a project for my audio engineering course at uni, and I wanted to know how much you charged for mastering? Thank you! Isaac M


Just need a song from scratch

I need someone who can produce a song for me, and then mix and master it along with helping me record and stuff. I have my own recording studi...

Christian J.

Need one song mastered

My name is Christian and I am currently a student at the Berklee College of Music finishing up my final year. My song combines elements of dee...

Lara A.

Need a song produced

My name is Lara. I am looking to have a song produced. I am looking for a new sound that mixes rnb with music from morocco, where i grew up. I...

Timothy L.

i would like to get my album mixed & mastered and vocal tuning inquires

i was going to continue to work on my album and i am looking for the sound that you have with the likes of auto tune i'm trying to take my vo...

Nick R.
Nick R.

Need fun male vocalist/rapper for pre written lyrics

Hello Looking for a male vocalist to perform lyrics on a house music song. Must be able to have fun with these particular vocals as this is ...

Philips C.
Philips C.

Need a ghost producer

This is John from India coming to you with an urgent request. I am looking for a ghost producer, for my Hindi + English Christmas song, who ca...

Recent Successes
  • Always a pleasure working with Julian! Nails it every time.

    Job Completed by: Julian Hall
  • Eric was great to work with! Excellent communication and awesome playing! Will definitely work with him again.

    Job Completed by: Eric Juris
  • Cristina is a fantastic and trustworthy visual artist! Smart and hard-working, also available for meetings anytime, w...

    Job Completed by: Cristina Angeloro
  • R.J. is a consummate musician/guitarist. The song I hired him for had a sort of rock/jazzy vibe. My friend Jeff Beck ...

    Job Completed by: R.J. Ronquillo
  • This is probably the first review we really wanted to make in our life! Darren made an incredible job, he made our s...

    Job Completed by: Darren Carikas / Ghost Machine Studios
  • Incredible vocalist! A pleasure to work with, extremely timely, sounds great!

    Job Completed by: Marcello
  • Wonderful as always

    Job Completed by: Cheshy/Cheshy
  • Another excellent job from Chris. He "gets" the music with good ears and intuition, is willing to do a revision if ne...

    Job Completed by: Chris Perry
  • Austin is a true artist and professional. I received my deliverables in less than a day! If you happen to come across...

    Job Completed by: Austin Filingo
  • Brandon delivers simple as that he has a great voice to showcase your song and does not hang around with delivering a...

    Job Completed by: Brandon Chase
  • Natalia did a very good job with her powerful vocals and all the harmonies! She also delivered in time and it was nic...

    Job Completed by: Natalia Nekare
  • Unbelievable talent! Jones absolutely killed our track! It went from a promising instrumental to a smash once he got ...

    Job Completed by: Jones 2.0