Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with When Blood Falls Down

Mix and Master Eng. & Producer - Modulation Records

I´m a mixing and master enginer, producer, composer and studio owner that has 6 years of experience working in almost every musical genre. I offer a solid, powerful and clear sound in all of my mixes. I just developed a process o mixing in a few steps that secure a full album mixed and mastered in 2 days.

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Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Virgilio Rodríguez /EM Records

Producer, Mixing and Mastering.

Recording Studio - Estudio Libres

Discretely housed down a quiet cobbled street, the studio was originally a large family home which was then turned into a 300 sq ft live room, and a comfortable 250 sq ft control room. Our strongpoints include the room’s warm acoustics and a fantastic Steinway “Baby” grand piano.

Recording, Producing, Mixing - The Brickyard Recording Studio

My mission is to make any music put into my hands as good as it can be, no matter what, and bring out the beauty in any music production. From solo artist to full orchestra, all projects are welcomed. Tracking, editing, mixing, programming, songwriting and production are my strong points, and a laundry list of session musicians available.

Mixer | Part-Time-Producer - David Maria Trapp

Hello friend. My name is David Maria Trapp and I love mixing music. Most of the time you can find me in my mixing suite based at the Energiekreis Zuckerhut Studios near Cologne. I’ve been working with artists such as Giant Rooks, Alice Merton, RAZZ, Neufundland, Emma6, OK Kid, cat ballou and some more.

Remote Engineer & Producer - Artis Studios

Artis Studios is focused on building a partnership with full collaboration in audio engineering and music production. This approach builds trust and long-term relationships and support. Credits include Adrienne Taylor, Demione Louis, and Leo Young. It's okay you don't know who they are but they have the tools and sound to be discovered.

Mixing & Mastering - Syko Musick productions

You got the beats, you got the lyrics, made a pretty dope song but your sound quality is letting you down? No problem, we are here to help you out! We offer you a complete mix and mastering service for your songs! For a full mix and mastering service we will require the separate track lines of your track in wav format.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Lorne

Make your ideas LOUD and CLEAR. My priority is to provide professional results, mixing technical and artistic decisions for success in the nowadays music business standards. Wherever you are an artist investing for its carreer or a music producer who want to hire a professional, an audio engineer can save you too much time.

Music Producer and Engineer - Trebl

I am a music producer and engineer from London and have worked with artists such as davecreates, yinkah, as well as producing my own music. Describe to me how you want something to sound and i'll make it happen. I'm also a professional musician and add musical elements to your tracks.

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