Viola, Violin, Strings,   - Coen


Viola, Violin, Strings,

Add emotion to your track with some Live-Strings.

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Remote Mixing & Mastering - Erez

Tel Aviv

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Owner and chief engineer at Bardo recording studios, the biggest recording studios in Israel. Recording, Mixing, and Mastering engineer. Worked with top selling artists in the Israeli music industry. During the past 10 years, I have focused myself in Mixing and Mastering.

Music Producer and Mixer - Mike



Los Angeles

Music Producer and Mixer

Hi guys! I am a Grammy nominated producer, and mixer. I have produced and mixed records with some of the biggest names in Pop, Urban, and K- pop music including Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Girls’ Generation, EXO, NCT, and others. Learning from all these great artists has stacked up my music tool box and now I'm ready to share some secrets!

Songwriter, Producer, Engineer - Daniel

Los Angeles

Songwriter, Producer, Engineer

I'm a songwriter/producer/engineer in LA. I do much of my work out of my own studio, writing, producing and/or recording artists. I'm always looking honesty in songs and particularly enjoy working with singer/songwriters.

Session Bassist - B.B.


Session Bassist

Fender and GHS Strings artist B.B. specializes in catchy metal, pop, punk, alternative, and indie bass lines. Can match bass tones and bass player styles.


Mixing and Mastering studio - Nadoki


Mixing and Mastering studio

Nadoki offers high-quality tailored audio services for your projects.

Session musician - Thomas

San Francisco

Session musician

Hello! My name is Thomas Hatch, I'm an independent musician, instructor and session musician based out of San Francisco, Ca. I moved here from my native Sacramento to pursue my professional career as a musician.

Session Guitarist, Composer - Pat



Glen Cove

Session Guitarist, Composer

A guitar solo should be more than a bunch of notes and patterns played without purpose. I specialize in delivering dynamic guitar leads that ooze feel and emotion. Each solo I compose is literally a product of the feelings resulting from the music I am writing it to. My goal is to amplify the effect of your song, not to stand out on my own.

Remote Mixing & Master eng. - Toti


Remote Mixing & Master eng.

I'm a graduated from "Master de Mezcla con Soma" you can pay me with points master too

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