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Welcome to the official PSYCH MUSIC #soundbetter Page. My name is Psych and I am here to benefit * Any #ARTIST * that wants to take their Music and Albums to have a professional mainstream quality and sound. I believe in building relationships with clients, therefore I work with all of mine and engineer their sound until theyre fully satisfied.

Us artists wonder what to do these days, everybody wants to make it while we all know only a few do. So what makes them better, or better yet worthy, of the position that they are in. Honestly, I have learnt this game is 35% talent, 55% business and 10% luck.

During the 10% luck time you just have to say F*** it cause you cant control luck so have some FUN.

The 35% talent is not just your skills, its your work ethic, your determination to sacrifice for music, its how you perform live AS WELL AS how much you practice. Here is the misconception: People think that an artist that they hear on the radio sounds good cause they recorded at a multi million dollar studio...Not Always The Case. They recorded on a good mic, of course and had a great beat, yes! But what makes them sound like a million dollars is the engineering that goes into mixing the Song to that point.

Finally, 55% is business, starting with if you don't respect your own ass they just wont. Know your worth, show your worth. Dont mail demos to studio heads, and the demo sounds like a DEMO, send them your next project, with a plan and an outline and Make sure your music sounds like ITS BEEN MIXED lol! (not being mean but an honest advice

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Gear Highlights
  • Logic Pro
  • Pro Tools
  • Melodyne
  • Autotune
  • Waves Plugins (some outboard such as the L2 and L3 Maximizers)
  • Akai MPC
  • TASCAM U16 Interface
  • M Audio BX8D2 Monitors
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