mixer/producer/mastering  - Dave



Los Angeles


4x Grammy winner Dave Way has dozens of multi platinum credits and hits: MJ, Fiona Apple, Pink, Phoebe Bridgers, Weird Al, Ziggy Marley, Kesha, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, Jakob Dylan, Christina Aguilera, Prince, TLC, Spice Girls, Guy, and MANY more. “My broad experience and love of music helps me bring out what is unique in each project.”

Prod,Evaluation,Consult, Mix - David



Los Angeles

Prod,Evaluation,Consult, Mix

I have produced over 75 international gold and platinum albums. Whether you need a vibrant mix, in-studio production (via SKYPE), help with lyrics, structure, arrangement, song selection, I can help. I have worked the most successful artists in the world BEFORE they became successful as well.

Hybrid Drummer Percussionist  - Quinn



Los Angeles

Hybrid Drummer Percussionist

People generally hire me to; make organic electronic sounds, to bring something different to the song/cue, to bring life to existing loops and samples, to come up with an approach that’s unique. I compose, produce and have released 23 solo records, so I bring all that to creating drum and percussion tracks. IG @quinnmusician

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Irmak


Audio Engineer, Music Producer

Audio perfectionist, music enthusiast, creative mind..these are the best 3 things that describes Irmak Akan. More than 15 years experience in music production and audio environments. Certified audio engineer. Specialist in electronic music production, remixing, mixing, editing and sound design. Good experience in many analog and digital gears.

Session Guitar, Producer - Linda

Los Angeles

Session Guitar, Producer

Musician, guitarist from "Whose Line Is It Anyway", and many others

Mixing, Tracking, Production - Kevin


Mixing, Tracking, Production

I have the experience and tools to mix any project, any style, any time. Works over Internet with a fast turnaround. Mixing rates include 2 revisions.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Helik



Los Angeles

Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Helik Hadar is a two-time Grammy Award winning mixer and engineer and 3 time nominee for 'Best Engineered Album.'

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