Dubstep Sound Design

These professional sound designers will craft unique and original sonic elements to elevate your song, show, or production

Sound Designer, Music Producer - V

Los Angeles

Sound Designer, Music Producer

-inactive account- -dont message-


Music Producer - Q-Sik


Music Producer

Hello I am Q-Sik and I make Electronic music heavily influenced by some big names like Excision, Skrillex, and Zomboy. I have been signed to Hydraulic Records, Dystopian Records, and Ponies at Dawn.


Post production, Mixing, Vocal - Suit


Post production, Mixing, Vocal

For past work visit: SuitSoundStudio.com Catering to all types of post production audio design, we offer high quality delivery as standard. From commercials to cinema, from games to apps, from corporate to business, Suit Sounds works to deliver tailored composition For you


Music Producer - Xenom


Music Producer

Dubstep in the night, kill 'em in the fight


Music Producer, Sound Designer - Miztaken

Medicine Hat

Music Producer, Sound Designer

I've been producing music for over 10 years and have accumulated over 1000 followers towards my music. I can produce any style of music and deliver quality content. My sound design is my best credit as it is unlike any other.


Music Producer/ beat maker - VONGLOE

Los Angeles

Music Producer/ beat maker

I LOVE music. I produce and release only electronic music under my artist name but I have tons of music that I just enjoy making for myself ranging from hip-hop beats to rock, a couple cinematic trailers and orchestral arrangements as well as classic rock.

Producer, Arranger - YNZ


Producer, Arranger

Creating all kinds of electronic music with uniquely designed sounds.

Mixing, Mastering, Sound Maker - FUNgEYE


Mixing, Mastering, Sound Maker

Maker of Sounds. Driven by detail to enhance your creative idea.


Music Producer, Sound Designer - TGRage


Music Producer, Sound Designer

So you've got an idea, Let's turn that into a reality. I've been making music for people for over 4 years now. Been part of the music industry for over 8 years. Been making my own cool sounds for over the past 2 years now. This is definitely going to be fun!


Music Producer, Mixer-Masterer - Rahul


Music Producer, Mixer-Masterer

I've been producing music for over a decade.


Music producer - Alex


Music producer

I specialize in melodic and emotional sounds, specifically in the Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass genres.


Producer, DJ, Guitarist - Oliver

Sydney NSW

Producer, DJ, Guitarist

My names Oliver and I go under the name Disinety. I'm a producer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and DJ.


Music Production - Drop


Music Production

I love the art of sound manipulation. It fascinates me in so many ways. I find inspiration to be contagious and I'm a firm believer that a great record is made with the help of everyone involved focusing on their strengths.


EDM Producer / Mixing Engineer - Psymbionic


EDM Producer / Mixing Engineer

I am a multi genre composer specializing in bass heavy electronic music with intricate knowledge of sound design and audio engineering. Collaborations with artists such as Bassnectar and Manic Focus fill my discography. Beyond this, I have nine years experience playing shows to tens of thousands of fans at venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Limitless


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I am a music producer, artist, label manager, & studio engineer from Perth, Australia. I have completed my Diploma of Audio Production and I am working towards my bachelors in the field. I am currently managing F Audio which is one of Australia's biggest up and coming dubstep labels. I love all kinds of music and enjoy playing live shows.

Remote Mixing, Beat Making - Unknown


Remote Mixing, Beat Making

Need a song mixing? You got it! Need a beat to flow over? You got it! Need a full production start to finish? You got it!


Music Producer, Composer - Abtein


Music Producer, Composer

Attention grabbing Composition and Sound Design. Exquisite Audio Production.


Dj & Producer - Daniele


Dj & Producer

Still small dj and producer, hopefully a day someone


See Description please!  - TWhiteDeath


See Description please!

I mix and master for an amazing rock band and they really love my job! I also mix & master my own tracks which are now featured on YouTube Channels (did ghost production)! I also have a diploma in guitar and drums, and won several national competitions!


Music producer, Session Guitar - PapiJuanMusic


Music producer, Session Guitar

It's about them vibes! Low rates opens the gates. Let's journey to the dream as a team! It's better to be living the dream than to dream.


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