Mixing, Mastering, Production - Pablo




Mixing, Mastering, Production

Sound Engineer, specialized in urban genres and electronic music, get your tracks sounding radio-ready now!

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Remote Mixing & Mastering - ..xx

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing & Mastering

Travis Schuster is an aspiring audio engineer in the greater LA area. Through many years of hands on experience and specialized training from world-class audio engineering schools, I have developed skills that I use to bring your sonic imagination to reality.


Mobile Audio Solutions - BackPack




Mobile Audio Solutions

Hello! My name is Everett Schuster, I am the head engineer, and creator of BackPack Audio. We are a brand new on-site recording company located in good ol' Nashville, TN. We are capable of recording just about anything, anywhere. We also provide online hosted audio editing, and mixing services. Your robust high-fidelity sound is our top priority.

Remote Drum Recording - Alejandro




Remote Drum Recording

Live Session Drummer - Versatile and skilled in the interpretationes of different music styles.

Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner - Stephen

New York

Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner

Vitruvian Sound was built to provide a safe harbor for creatives of all stripes to work in a serious manner. This studio is a crossroads of technical resources and knowledge. It is a hub for artists to finalize their expressive output. It is a place where quality tools are not dismissed as unattainable luxuries, nor held in blind reverence, but

Bass player, editing/mixing - Dave



Spruce Grove

Bass player, editing/mixing

Dave has been a professional bass player since 2004, with jazz/pop performance and recording training from Grant McEwan College in Edmonton, AB. He is a touring player with Jon Bauer, Wakeup Starlight, Mike Schuster and more.

Composer/producer/mixer/editor - Imogen



My composition is minimalist and dreamy, my music production lives somewhere between experimental hip hop and indie rock, I bring both a creative sensibility and a finely tuned ear to the mixing process, and my editing is deliberate and precise.


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