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Session Studio Sitarist - Xavi Ganjam

The Sound of MediterranIndia

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Affordable Mixing & Mastering  - Mr V.

I provide ready to release mixes and masters at very affordable rates. Get that pro sound without breaking the bank.

Producer, Engineer - Diego Hodge

I work with each unique artist to find a personalized approach for their project. I do everything I can to make the sessions comfortable and enjoyable, while also staying on schedule.

Vocalist - MyRoque555


I will smash your song, hook or jingle with killer vocals!

Crafting that hit song melody - Mark London

What makes a person desire creativity? For me it was a family atmosphere which fostered creative growth and a "sky's-the-limit" mentality. My father was a radio DJ who flooded the house with all types of music, conditioning my ear at a very young age to appreciate many different genres. Music make my soul breathe- Let's create something special!

Mixing Live - maki.kom

Mixing and arranging music for 3 years now. Studying audio engineering at UNITEDpop university. Full dedication to your project. I have very good music theory knowledge and i can assure you your song is sound awsome.

I am a singer and a songwriter - G Samuels

I am a singer and a songwriter from right outside of Philadelphia. I am extremely passionate about writing and the creative process behind creating amazing records. My specialty is R&B but I am not afraid to step into other genres!

 Producer  Mixer Songwriter - Sebastian Schon

As a musician who developed into a producer and a sound engineer I find that the essence and emotion of music always comes first, whether I am mixing, producing or composing.

Music Production - Z Chill Music

Artist-centered services, no gimmicks.

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