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Produção musical - Paulista

Rio de Janeiro

Produção musical

Luiz Henrique Faria mais conhecido como Paulista é advogado, músico, arranjador e produtor musical, natural de São Jose dos Campos, reside no Rio de Janeiro desde 2003. Em meados de 2007 arquitetou uma pequena estrutura de gravação onde pode produzir e aprender com grandes personalidades do Samba.

Rec/Mix, Produce/Piano/Bass - Diaz


Rec/Mix, Produce/Piano/Bass

Latin Producer / Recording Studio, Mix


Rec Studio & mixing mastering - ARTeC


Rec Studio & mixing mastering

We have the ideal place for you to give shape to your musical projects supported by people from the group music industry with more than 30 years of experience.

 Seven Strings Salsa Violinist - Alfredo


Seven Strings Salsa Violinist

I am a Cuban-born and New York-based violinist, lived in Colombia for more than 19 years, responsible for transforming the violin into an important sound of Latin Music. The first solo violinist to perform with a Salsa orchestra, I have toured the world more than thirty times, appearing in concert and participating in more than a hundred albums.

Recording Studio - Clã

Rio de Janeiro

Recording Studio

We are specialized in Music production , Live streaming and Video Production . We have a Tv show in a cable Tv called Estudio Cabeça here in Brazil that reaches almost the totallity of the country . We have been working with the most famous brazzillian artists during this three years of foundation.

 Solo and lead trumpeter - Rafi


Solo and lead trumpeter

I record professional improvised and/or arranged trumpet and flugelhorn parts for your songs in various styles such as jazz, latin, pop, funk, hip-hop, R&B, Hasidic and ,lead trumpet and salsa. I can also record layered horn parts up to 12 layers by notes. Send me your notes and I ll send you back your wav.


Boutique studio, engineer & producer - Nganga


Boutique studio, engineer & producer

NGANGA RECORDING STUDIOS Great DUMBO Location!! An acoustically correct facility that is fitted with well maintained, professional recording equipment in an environment that lends itself to the creative inspiration of making music. Are you a musician playing jazz, Latin, electronic, classical or covers? Then this studio is for YOU! Call us!


Producer, Mixer, and Mastering - Yellowroom

Los Angeles

Producer, Mixer, and Mastering

With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, and being a musician/singer for more than 25 years in the Mexican Regional music area, I have the experience and creativeness to help bring your creative ideas to life. I can help produce from a song to a full album, mix and master.


Recording Studio, 3123560028 - Esmiller


Recording Studio, 3123560028

Somos una Compañía con más de 15 años de experiencia en la ingeniería audiovisual. Cubrimos una amplia gama de servicios profesionales: Grabación y mezcla de audio, Masterización, realización de vídeos y fotografía aérea, acondicionamiento acústico, supervisión y control de las obras, videos corporativos y promocionales, comerciales radio y Tv.


Music Producer- Session Keys - Leonardo


Music Producer- Session Keys

Leonardo Garcia - an accomplished keyboardist, pianist, composer, and arranger. Styles include Jazz, Latin and Salsa, and Rock/Fusion.


Recording and Mix Engineer - Sebastian

New York

Recording and Mix Engineer

I offer complete music production, recording and mixing, anything you need! My services include in-person production and recording sessions, remote editing and mixing services and mastering. I specialize in Latin music, but I am comfortable working with any genre you may need.

Recording Studio - Midilab

Santo Domingo

Recording Studio

Recording Studio in the Dominican Republic


Recording and Mixing Egineer - if6was9


Recording and Mixing Egineer

TOP QUALITY RECORDING AND MIXING STUDIO with excelent gear (Neve and Phoenix preamps, Distressor, Api comps, Great River eqs) and mics. We can record your instruments and mix your songs. We work with the best profesional musicians!


Recording & Mixing, Producer. - Alvaro


Recording & Mixing, Producer.

Recording and mixing, Salsa, Jazz, Reggaeton, Reggae, Calipso, Kompa, Rock. Recording and mixing "El General de Fiesta" for the Reggaeton artist "El Gneral" 2003


Vocalist Multilingual/Genre  - Kei

Los Angeles

Vocalist Multilingual/Genre

I Love Latin Music- if you want a killer salsa singer than I'm your girl! 💃 Voice clear like a bell 🛎 Also can do English-Spanish lyrics Languages I sing in: Spanish/Portuguese/English/German/French/Italian/Japanese-can do most languages written phonetically.

Producer, Composer, Musician - Liza

Santa Clarita

Producer, Composer, Musician

Founding member, composer and producer of the billboard charting world music group Incendio. I have been writing production music for music libraries and scoring to picture for twenty-five years with hundreds of placements to my name. I have also toured and performed with artists such as Lindsey Buckingham and others.

Session Pro Saxophonist - gershonmusic

New York

Session Pro Saxophonist

I'm a versatile pro saxophone player, I am from the Dominican Republic, but I live in New York City, I've been working in recording business for more than 15 years, Ive been working for several artists recording the Saxophones(Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Baritone)

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Luis


Remote Mixing & Mastering

I will make your vision mine too and turn it into a reality.

Recording Mixing Mastering - Fabricio

Belo Horizonte

Recording Mixing Mastering

Recording, mixing and mastering to make your sound really yours, getting better!

Mixing and Production - Felipe

Rio de Janeiro

Mixing and Production

I work as a producer and mixer mainly in independent contemporary Brazilian music, with 6 years of experience.

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