Latin Pop Producer/Songwriter - Macau


Latin Pop Producer/Songwriter

Want to combine international Pop with Latin-American grooves? Then stop looking, 'cause I'm your guy. Internationally acclaimed multi-award winner, #1 on iTunes and Spotify in multiple countries, here to make your visions into reality.

Electronic Music Production  - Sinego

Los Angeles

Electronic Music Production

I have produced tracks with more than 50 million streams on digital platforms by marrying latin music with mainstream pop

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Production team - Dirty


Production team

Production team based in Paris, France. Music producer, songwriter, singer, musicians working for different Record companies (Universal, Columbia, Sony).

Producer, Engineer, Mixer. - Alex


Producer, Engineer, Mixer.

Alex is a Grammy®-nominated and award-winning producer, engineer and musician, whose scope of work encompasses a variety of genres from musical theater to heavy metal. Having worked with both industry giants, as well as independent artists, Alex's musicality, experience and passion reflects in every project he takes on.

Tracking / Mix Engineer - Kim


Tracking / Mix Engineer

This is Slyce- I mix all genres of music so don't hesitate to see what we can create!

360° audiovisual production - Wolfstag


360° audiovisual production

I am a purist and therefore value audio quality, great dynamic range and good audio balance. To me, the mix must be dense, well imaged, organic and character-full. You can check us out here:

Producer and Engineer - AJ

South Shore

Producer and Engineer

Hello fellow music lovers. Take a look at what I offer, listen to some of my work and hit me up if you need anything done!

Music Producer/Songwriter - P.E.P.G


Music Producer/Songwriter

Name is Jeremy Covington I'm a producer/songwriter I'm open to make any style of beat and willing to work with anyone who wants to work with me


Guitarist / Producer  - Dave


Guitarist / Producer

I provide professionally produced guitar, bass, and drum tracks for artists and songwriters. Full music production and songwriting services also available.

Remote mixing and mastering - MasterBus


Remote mixing and mastering

Unleash your creativity. Work with Yannick and MasterBus Studio to create and polish your music. With us, you're assured of building an amazing listening experience.


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