Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Sound

Los Angeles

Music Producer, Mix Engineer

Hi! My name is RC Bankwell. I'm the owner of Sound Melt which is an online audio mixing/production service based out of Los Angeles CA. We specialize in music production and audio mixing for artist and television We also have a podcast editing service. I have worked along side grammy nominated producer such as Twilite Tone (gorillaz, kanye west)

Multi-Platinum Mixing Engineer - Scotty


Multi-Platinum Mixing Engineer

Scotty "Sonic" Goldstein is an American multi-platinum recording/mixing engineer from the heart of the booming Miami music scene.

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Record Label - Speak


Record Label

Speak Hip Records stands for peace through music. We believe in one love. Which, in essence, translates to equality for all. We empower each person, in a group or by themselves, to become leaders and be able to support the ones they love. We help Artists by recording their music, Production, and Mixing their tracks. We believe in you. - Speak Hip

Mixing and Mastering - SpaceEngineer


Mixing and Mastering

I am a professional Audio Engineer, Producer, Mixing and Mastering Pro. I am the Official Music Engineer for Spaceout Productions. As the Official Audio Engineer for the Artist Spaceout, I have had the great opportunity to engineer, fully mix and master every mix that has been released by the artist. I have over 3 years of professional experience.

Oriental synths/Piano/Composer - Sharon

Tel Aviv

Oriental synths/Piano/Composer

Looking for a middle-eastren flavor in your track? A crazy synthysizer solo that makes that "wow" effect, or some soft melodies and pads for the finishing touches? This is what I wake up for :) Contact me.


Rapper, Singer, Producer - Hailey


Rapper, Singer, Producer

I'm a first-year first generation college student who is a First Wave Scholarship recipient -- aka, a full tuition scholarship for hip-hop (+ academics & activism!) Work with me and it can be a learning experience for the both of us.


mixing mastering recording - Johnny

Corinth 201 00

mixing mastering recording

Massive Rock Metal music albums of 90's, 00's, 10's and 20's constitute the colour of my sound palette. Working as musician with well known producers in Rock Metal music scene, for the last two decades, forms the baseline for professionall and robust Mojo sound.

Recording & Mixing - Ryan


Recording & Mixing

I'm a London based mix engineer / musician and I've been involved in sound since I was a teenager in the late 80s. I've slowly moved from playing live to spending most of my time in the studio behind the knobs.


Singer, Lyrics, Producer - Faraz


Singer, Lyrics, Producer

I can honestly say that I have an ear for detail. Been at it all my life. My parents wanted me to be a doctor, I tried meeting them half way. I doctor music and I am too good at it. I can composite from scratch and or replicate almost any genre out there. Still learning as I do and deliver.

Audio Engineer, Producer - Ayeoso

Glenn Dale

Audio Engineer, Producer

Come lock in with the best Engineer in the DMV!!!

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