Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Qiet

 - Dave Polster

Audio Engineer based in the Cleveland area, with a versatile amount of experience pertaining to live and studio music production, mixing, mastering, post-production, and on-set audio for video/film.

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Recording on location - Rafesulbeat

Hi I'm Raffaele, I'm a sound engineer based in Brescia. I worked with artists from different genres: hip-hop, jazz, folk, r&b, pop, classical, reggae and more. I have a background as rapper, songwriter, beat maker, dj and copyright law consultant. I took my diploma in Sound Engineering at Accademia Teatro alla Scala in Milano in 2018.

Writer/ Designer/ Creator - Llaves

Creating hooks and full soundtracks, coming up with the best concepts for most genres.

Producer & Mix Engineer - Mostafa Elezaby

A storyteller since childhood, I’ve made my mark in media as a copywriter/editor-in-chief, and now I carve a similar path with a language that transcends social and cultural boundaries. I will listen to your stories, and ask you LOTS of questions so my hands and ears can be a veritable extension to the music in your mind.

Songwriting, mixing & masterin - BQUYET

Let’s vibe!

Aloha Creativos - Aloha Creativos

Vamos a ofrecerte servicios de todo tipo dentro del campo de publicidad en internet como puede ser el inbound marketing, el outbound marketing o el desarrollo de propiedad digital. No hay nada que no sea posible para nuestra agencia de publicidad digital especializada en todo tipo de empresas

Musical Artist - Stainlez BND

#5,000 for Mixing Same price For Production.

Pro session drummer. - Raphael Landauer

Raphael was raised in a family of musicians. His parents had a hippie-folk band and as a child he came into contact with music cultures from all over the world. 2000 he studied drums and and has worked as a pro drummer since then. He then played in the dancehall reggae band Mono and Nikitaman. Musically,he is deeply rooted in the world music scene.

Hiphop R&B/ Pop/ Funk Producer - KIDCOZY

Music Producer 10 years exp

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